Kebaya and sarong

As a little girl, I have seen my grandmother and my second aunt (2ko pronounced ‘Ji Ko’) dressed in Kebaya and Sarong.  We are of the Peranakan (descendants of the Chinese immigrates who came to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) heritage.

Kebaya is a figure-hugging blouse made from translucent (see-through) material beautifully embroidered with floral (mostly) pattern.  They are worn with camisole (baju dalam).  Kebaya are buttonless.  The patterns are sewn on edges with front opening and the closure is done by pinning both lapels together with kerosang.

A kerosang or Kerongsang is a string of 3 brooches studded with diamonds or stones attached with a chain.  The below image (credit to Little Nyonya Shop) is a kerosang with a traditional “Ibu & Anak” (Mother & child) kerosang design.

Kebaya is worn with Sarong (large length of cloth wrapped around the waist).  Above kebaya image is credit to Della of Little Nyonya Batik.

I am a third generation Peranakan and second generation Chinese born Malaysian currently living in New Zealand.  This blog started as my autobiography and my random thought today is on my rich heritage and my appreciation of the beautiful kebaya and sarong worn by the Peranakan Nyonya (female).

You may click here to read more about kebaya and read the story of one Singaporean Kebaya Maker  as he weaves his life into what the newspaper reported as a dying Peranaka craft.

Watch Donald Duck not Donald Trump

I am not into politics and the way the world goes on about Donald Trump is overwhelming to me.

The minute I turned on any news channel be it CNN, BBC, Aljazerra and even our local Sky News, there is bound to be something about Donald Trump.

Does the world think that Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success story?

Perhaps I am not up to his level.  I would rather watch our favourite old Donald Duck cartoon instead.  An old time favourite.

Are you a fan of Donald Trump or Donald Duck?

For Duck’s fan, here’s a funny one.  Enjoy……

Happy Year of the Fire Rooster


The world celebrated the Lunar New Year of the Fire Rooster on 27 Jan 2017.

In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is not just associated with an animal sign, but also one of five elements: Gold (Metal), Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth.  Both zodiac sign and element are believed to affect one’s personality and destiny.

We had a few family and friends round for dinner and we did the prosperity toss.



I may be a Banana (a term for an Asian person living in a Western or non-Asian country) but I have not lost touch with my cultural identity.  The term is derived from the fruit banana which is “yellow on the outside, white on the inside“.

Wishing all bloggers good health, happiness and prosperity. Happy blogging !

The Greatest

I am a human and can only think like a human.

Every human being strive to live well.  Most, if not all people strive for success.

Some extremists want to be the greatest, the number one.

Achievement and success go hand-in-hand.  How great it feels to be an achiever.

To one person, success may be …. to be a good (and greatest) mother to her kid, whom in her eyes is the greatest kid in the world.

To another, success is to build an empire and make lots of money striving to be amongst the greatest and the richest.

When one is contented, one is be happy.  When one is happy, one feels great.  Everything he or she has is the greatest in the world – her kid, her pet, her husband, her favourite apron,  her old T-Shirt …………… they are all her greatest.

Who in the world is the greatest?  Or who do you recognise as the greatest?

Alexander, the Great because he is a conqueror.

A conqueror is someone who conquers his own weakness.

The greatest one is He who won his own battle.

via Tell us something or someone that you want to recognize as the greatest.

PS.  My dog thinks that I am the greatest !


Weather and Money Talk on Sunday

Today’s Sunday herald features all the news about the wild weather last a night that left fifteen thousand Auckland homes still without power this morning.


A tree toppled over and hit a car. Photo / Tony Smith

I had enough watching the trees blowing so wildly last night out my bedroom window that look out into a reserve.  We heard the wailing of the wind but watching them is a different matter.  It can be pretty interesting when you have nothing better to do.  My dog under the duvet shivered in fear.  That timid boy.  My bedroom door  didn’t hold on to the wind that well.  The catch could not keep the door shut giving way to the wind, swaying back and forth and that was so annoying !


Keeping calm in the rough weather is kind of graceful. Photo / Doug Sherring

And then out of the blue, weather talk became money talk.

Interesting enough Oxfam tells us that the world’s richest eight people have as much money as its 3.6 billion poorest people. It sounds shocking. But what, if anything, does it really mean? Click here to find out more.


In 1950, 75 per cent of people lived in extreme poverty. Today, just 10 per cent do. Photo / Michael Craig

Do you own a mortgage-free home in Auckland? You’re part of the global richest 1 per cent.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to that 1 per cent.  😦

Does it really matter?

Certainly not !

I can still feel the wind, rain and shine.

The weather does not care whether you are rich or poor.  The sun will shine, the rain will come, the wind will blow and no amount of money can stop that……………….


Bareback was the fashion in the mid 1970s.

All eyes turn at this teenager in her bareback.

She had only one piece of that fashion, hand sewn by her dearest aunt.

Proudly worn to watch a movie at Odeon Cinema that was long gone.

Sweet memories ……………….


Magical moment

It’s summertime.
Longer day light.
The sea water warms up.

How wonderful is a dip in the sea.
Splash, swim, soak, having fun.
Or just relax and let the water be your bed.

Lying afloat looking up in the clear blue sky.
The vast sky with fluffy white clouds above you.
With gentle waves caressing you as you lay.

Such magical moment.
A natural therapy.
Clear blue skies, white clouds, gentle waves.

Look around you and indulge.
The best moments in life can be free.
Look towards our beautiful nature for a carefree life.


What’s your magical moment?
A treat or retreat of any sort?

Waiting in anticipation

The year is drawing to a close soon.

My free blog space on Little Girl Story is running low, so low that I have only under 2% of free space left.

I recently started a sequel blog at Little Borneo Girl which is still waiting in anticipation for followers.  Very soon, I may no longer be able to blog through Little Girl Story (without having to migrate to my own domain) which may take time, cost and efforts.  So hoping to do away with frustrations and technical clichés or my lack of know-how,  I have taken the easy way out to start another free blog.

In the meantime,  please click here to follow Little Borneo Girl.

While Little Borneo Girl waits for followers, the world waits in anticipation for the festive season and a new year with new beginnings.

Merry Christmas from New Zealand !

Finding your place

Where are you from?
Where are you originally from?

I was born in Kuching,  grew up in Kuching (Malaysia) and Singapore.
I now live in Auckland (New Zealand) and have been for over a decade.

It doesn’t matter whether I live in Kuching or Auckland.
It isn’t about which country makes me feel most at home.

My place is my solace.
My place is where all or most of my belongings are.

My place may not necessarily be my home.
My home is where my family is but my family is all over the world.

I may have a house, a place which sometimes doesn’t seem like home.
Home equates people close to you.

Life is a vagabond.
Children grow up and they leave their nest.

Neither my country of birth or the country I live in seem to be my home.
When there are no loved ones, there is no home.

But wait !

I do have a pet.
A dog that I love to bits.

Is that place now a home?

As long as there is a place, a solace, life goes on …………………

I have found my place where I call home.


A place you once loved is no longer the same. Why?