Rare – My one and only Toby

I was a cat lover till I decided to adopt a wee four-legged golden boy.  Years ago, I had dogs before but never made any effort to bond with them.

With Toby, it was different.  He came to me when he was around a month old.

He came from a litter of six pups, a cross of Staffordshire terrier and Labrador.  We got him from the local SPCA.

My Toby is a rare find.

He has the face of a Staffordshire terrier and the colour of a golden Labrador.  Sometimes, he barks for no reason.  He runs around in circles when he is bored.  For some reason (no idea why, probably his Staffordshire bred), he is weary of strangers especially when they come around the house.  He wants to be the boss but he is timid so he barks at the same time wagging his tail.

There were instances when he lunged at strangers and frightened the hell out of them getting me into trouble and frowned upon.  Although he doesn’t bite, his barks makes him look vicious.  However, if you are not fearful of him, a pat to him means you are a friend.

He is loyal and loving.   He loves to go for car rides and walks, loving them more than food.  He loves me and anyone who takes him for a walk or car ride.  He sleeps either in my flatmate’s room or mine.  He loves to go under the covers even on a summer night.

He loves toys and goes crazy with them.  His favourite game is ripping the squeaker off any stuffed toys.  When you walk into my house, you may think I have a baby in the house.

Yes, I do have a ‘baby’, only that baby is four-legged.  My baby turned 7 years old on 19 August 2016.  He was so thrilled to have a lick and a piece of his birthday cake !

Woof, woof, my cake is the same as what mummy had on her birthday too !   Yummy !




Weekend Fun

Happy weekend everyone.

Let’s make the most out of this weekend, have some laughs and fun.

Do the simple things, time out with friends or families.

Inject some fun into a lovely walk, jump for a photo shot.

Or if you are alone, go watch a comedy.

Life is only as good and as fun as you make it.

image image

Narrow Forest Tracks

Photos from our walk to Mangemangeroa Reserve.
A magnificent landscape of farmland, coastal native bush and stunning estuary views. The surrounding farmland gives you the chance to wander amongst grazing cattle. This walkway can be wet and muddy so best to explore the narrow forest tracks on a fine day. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.



Caressing my pillows

another night is here

resting my head, my body, soul

energized and relaxed

free from worries

rejuvenated, alive once more

enriched as we mellow with time

each day.


Carefree is the way to be.   Live and enjoy !



Curry with a twist

I went through great length and (depth) to create curry for one last night.

Using my creativity for a dish between Malaysian Chicken Curry and Pumpkin Chicken and that was what I got.

Let’s name it Malaysian Pumpkin Chicken.  Yummilicious.