Time flies

I had been waiting for my family to visit and now they have been and gone !

It was Mum’s second trip to New Zealand after seven years.  She visited with my sister and hubby.  My brother joined them flying from the Solomon Island.

This post is a collage of sweet memories during their visit.

How time flies.


Mum’s first try on driving a ‘car’ (scooter) for easy access at Botanical Garden.

A kind neighbour offered us free grapefruits. Pick your own.

A visit to Otara market in the rain.

Mum & sis at Fo Guang Shan temple in Flatbush.

Fresh Clevedon Oysters – I seemed to be the only one enjoying it.

Wonder Women – Four Generations.

A family portrait.


Continue …..

In good times,
you want the pleasant moments to continue,
to last for as long as possible,
ideally everlasting…..

In bad times,
you must continue to stay strong,
to persevere and overcome the struggles
in the shortest time possible.

Continue your journey till you find your dream.
When you found your dream, continue in sweet reminiscences.


Beautiful Scenery

On a nice sunny day, nature looks so beautiful.
Blue skies and sea,
green leaves and shades of spring,
so pleasing to the eye.

We move so briskly through our daily lives, we don’t typically notice the details of the world around us. The structure of living things, the intricacy of our own bodies, even the components of human-made technology; all can be sources of wonder.


Truly Amazing Body Art

This evening, I was at an event at a local hotel ‘inhabited‘ by a group of talented artists and their models showing off their beautiful art painted on bare bodies.

Body Art is a truly amazing and artistic showcase of paintings on the human body, similar to permanent tattoos.

Sharing some photos of the lovey evening.



What is ‘static cling’?

It wasn’t until at least four encounters with wearing double layer of clothes that made sparkling noises when you remove them that I decided to get them off my body, that instant !

Laying down tossing and turning as it gets warmer and then suddenly sitting up pulling off those layers and lurched out of bed.

The inner layer is a New Zealand made thermal top.


The outer layer is a made in China fleece pyjamas.


That was in the middle of the night (last night).  I wasn’t going to risk getting burns on my body or spark a fire. I took off those two layers of pyjamas and changed to another.

We have heard often of ‘Made in China’ kid’s pyjamas catching fire.  A New Zealand boy suffered third-degree burns after his Chinese-made pyjamas, a brand recalled for containing 500-900 times the safe levels of formaldehyde, caught fire after he sat near a gas heater.

I had the heater on in my room but I often make it a habit to turn it off before I go to sleep.  Wearing those two layers of clothes gets a bit too warm sometimes after the room is well heated up.  I had to take a layer off and that was when I heard sparks and I could also see an instant swift flame on the pyjamas.

The reaction was due to static.  Static cling is the tendency for light objects to stick (cling) to other objects owing to static electricity. It is found to be common in clothing, other objects and sometimes in hair too.  Static cling is the result of electrical charges that build up in your clothes due to dryness, friction, and other similar causes. 

I apply lotion to my body but in a cold winter night when windows are closed and heater on, the room gets hot and the body gets dry.  Static cling occurs due to friction between the body and the layers of clothes.

Further research showed that the cancer-casing chemical formaldehyde found in some clothing used to give a smooth finish to fabrics but the high levels in some products are thought to cause dangerous allergic reactions.

To avoid static cling or changes of fire, whether the pyjamas you are wearing is made in China, New Zealand or anywhere else, I guess we could keep the habit of

  • moisturizing our skin frequently
  • turn off heater before going to bed

In my case, I am a bit amazed that the two pieces of clothes I wore were ‘Made in China’ and the other ‘Made in NZ’.  The sound of sparks was apparent as I pulled those two pieces of clothes apart and brief flame seen on the China made pyjamas.


Does it really make one anyone safer by buying kiwi made where possible?


‘Made in China’ pyjamas caught fire
Clothes made in China under scrutiny
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Recalls of Chinese made goods
How to get rid of static in hair

Me and my shadow

Everyone has a life, a body, a shadow and a soul.

When good things happen, you enjoy your life to the fullest.

When you are healthy, your body feels good and energized.

When the sun shines, your shadow appears.  At certain times of the day, your shadow may be taller or shorter but it will always appear next to you.

When you passed on, your soul leave your body and you will be no more.


via Elemental – In or out of balance, my shadow and me.

A very sad story of the life of my little FeeFee

I received news that my precious FeeFee passed away peacefully on 9 July 2017 after a short illness.

She lived a long life, prolonged perhaps since she lived in a cage for over a dozen years.

Cute and so playful as a kitten and so proud and self confident as a mother cat.

My heart is heavy and feeling sad.  Numbed beyond words but she is now in a better place.

Beloved FeeFee
4 July 1999 – 9 July 2017

Greatly loved and fondly remembered always.





We did not know when her actual birthday was but American Independence day, 4th of July was an easy date to remember hence we adopted that date for her birthday.  On her birthday, we would cook a whole fish for her and that fish was a treat and symbolizes a birthday cake.  A friend gave her to us.  She was cute and adorable with blue eyes and grey fur, a tiny little wee kitty barely a month old.  That was a long, long time ago, way back sometime in August in the year 1999.  We named her FeeFee.

This post is a very sad story of the life of my FeeFee.  I am extremely remorse as I type this story.  It is a story that hurt me deeply, yesterday, today, tomorrow and everyday. I am hurting so badly because I believe my FeeFee’s life must be in agony.  What is…

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Unusual Fruit – Durian

I had previously blogged about the King of Fruits – Durian.

Imported durians from Thailand are available in New Zealand from local Asian supermarkets.  The best durians are ‘Mao Shan Wang’ from Malaysia which are a lot more creamier and of course more costly.

Quoted below from Meryl Koh in Michelin’s ‘Guide to Durians – the difference between Mao Shan Wang and Thai Durians’.

Hate it or love it, durians exude an exotic appeal that inspires intense devotion. Some might pucker their nose at the fruit’s strong smell, yet durian prices are steadily on the rise thanks to heated demand from the China market that, more recently, have fixed their sights on Malaysia’s durian supply instead of Thailand’s.

A very interesting read on the various durian varieties and what they taste like.

More news on this unusual spiky fruit in The New Paper, Singapore.

Durian prices reach 33-year high

Durian lovers, take note – prices of the spiky fruit have shot up to a 33-year record high, according to sellers.

The price of Mao Shan Wang – the most expensive variety – has hit $38 per kg.

Another popular kind, the Golden Phoenix, is now $32 per kg.

The prices of the former went up by $3 and the latter by $2 in three days, reported Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News yesterday.


While there are cheaper options from Thailand, the Malaysian ones, which can cost more than $100 per fruit, remain popular.

Click here for the rest of the article.


Care for durians, anyone?