Five months later …

This blog was originally created for Toby, my pet dog. Celebrating the lives of my two closest companions whose lives were cut short by deadly tumours.

Grief is a pain that lasts forever.

It may not be a physical pain but it is an emotional pain inside your heart, the feeling that your heart is torn into pieces yet it continues to beat as life goes on.  It is not a pain that could ease with a painkiller or any form of medication.  It just stays with you every moment of your life.  In bad days, you grieve as soon as you wake up till you go to bed at night.  It doesn’t disappear when you sleep because the brain stays awake and you dream of your loved one and some nights you see the trauma of your loved one dying right in front of you.

You miss her more and more each passing day.  Time does not heal, in fact, it made the missing feeling stronger and knowing that she will never come back.


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