My new grapefruit tree


A new season, a new beginning.

When I was undergoing an extremely challenging time some thirty years ago, my Dad told me,

“What appears to be the end is just a new beginning.”

My beloved Dad left me last December and as I now undergo yet another challenging time, his words rang in my ears.

Reminders of his words, in fact, came from seeing grapefruits in my garden.

Such beautiful irony.

In our previous house, we had a big grapefruit tree.  We loved that tree.  Those grapefruits were one of the best I ever tasted.  From its bounty, we ate them with brown sugar (so juicy and refreshing), drank as fresh juices, used in cooking recipes and made many jars of chutneys.  If only we could take that grapefruit tree with us when we moved.

Now after three (or maybe four) years, this new grapefruit tree of mine finally…

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2 thoughts on “My new grapefruit tree

  1. Once they start producing there is no stopping them , I have more grapefruit than I can use every year , and even use the juice for cleaning ( its a good antisceptic) and even removing scale in kettle ( along with the lime fruits I have )

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