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Intermediate between red and white

Never dull, always glowing

Kind of kissable, so tempting.

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Sitting alone, in silence, reflections in my head of who I was and what I have become.

Reflecting on the good times, the not-so-good times that strengthened me to be what I am now.


Silence speaks when words can’t
Ignorance, defeated or simply deciding
Longing for an answer
Enduring each overwhelming moment
Nothing can be explained
Calmness is a source of great strength
Eventually in moments of silence I rediscover who I am.


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Finding your place, finding your identity

I was recently invited by Amanda Rees, a Researcher of Satellite Media Ltd to appear on Neighbourhood, a local TV documentary showcasing our suburbs and the stories of people that live in each neighbourhood.

During the filming, I was asked to read a poem.

What poem?

Indeed, I had forgotten about this random poem I wrote.

‘Finding your Place’
is a poem about finding your identity, who you are, where you are from and finding a place you call home.

In a nutshell, finding your place is finding yourself which gives you security, be it a house, the people or a pet who makes you feel at home.  Security is more than just having a house to live in.  It is about sharing a home with your loved ones.

Thank you Amanda, for very kindly reading my blog and finding this poem at the same time giving me the opportunity to share my Peranakan culture with our local community.


These two cuties are my securities.  Home is where Toby and Bluey are.


Where are you from?
Where are you originally from?

I was born in Kuching,  grew up in Kuching (Malaysia) and Singapore.
I now live in Auckland (New Zealand) and have been for over a decade.

It doesn’t matter whether I live in Kuching or Auckland.
It isn’t about which country makes me feel most at home.

My place is my solace.
My place is where all or most of my belongings are.

My place may not necessarily be my home.
My home is where my family is but my family is all over the world.

I may have a house, a place which sometimes doesn’t seem like home.
Home equates people close to you.

Life is a vagabond.
Children grow up and they leave their nest.

Neither my country of birth or the country I live in seem to be my home.
When there are no loved ones, there is no home.

But wait !

I do have a…

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Hunua Falls

Look at what Debbie has done to Hunua Falls.


My daughter and me visited the Hunua Falls on Easter Saturday.

I was going to share how lovely and how easy it was to access to the falls.  Just a short 5 to 20minutes walk will get you there from the car park as there are three accesses to this seemingly lovely waterfall.  Had I shared this story the day we visited the falls, it would have be written differently.

Yesterday (a day after we visited), an Easter holiday trip to a scenic waterfall turned to despair when a 13-year-old boy disappeared beneath the water as his desperate family tried in vain to save him.

A sign at the falls and the council website warn visitors to the falls that the waterfall pool is unsafe for swimming.

“Things go wrong in the water when people underestimate risk or overestimate their ability to cope with the risk.”   – quote Hunua Ranges Regional Park…

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Lonelines led to Cuddle Parties

That was my voice over my friendship blog.

Cuddly party? Never heard of it.

Certainly not going to pay for cuddles, would you?



I was at my local café yesterday.  While sipping my caramel latte and waiting for my brunch of ‘Singapore Laksa’, I read an article in the Woman’s Weekly.

As I was alone, the topic I was reading hit on me.  Did I mind being alone that moment?  Probably not, as it was a Thursday and most people I hang out with were out working so I took my own sweet time doing what I wanted to do.  It was nobody’s business.

Back to the article titled TheLoneliness Generation said “We used to live in a society and now we live in an economy”

I thought that was really true.  I tried to connect people in so many ways.  I run a Meet Up group for my local area and am a Lead in the Neighbourly (an online application where neighbours connect).  Neighbourhood Day is next weekend and I tried to organize…

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Our Growing Edge January 2016 Intro

Let’s go ‘random’ and share your recipe with us.

Bunny Eats Design

Hello everyone. It’s been weeks since my last blog. I’m still technically on holiday. The Koala and I got back from holiday a few days ago where we had a magic 10 days away with friends. I had grand plans of blogging and cooking up a storm over the holidays but turns out I just really needed to chill. I’m not going to apologise for my absence.

With a new year, comes a new year of Our Growing Edge. New Year resolutions, healthy eating plans, adventurous and ambitions intentions for the kitchen. I’m sure most of you have ideas you’re itching to try this month for Our Growing Edge.

I haven’t written my NY resolutions yet. I guess I’ve been pre-occupied this season, but I do hope to come up with some intentions for 2016 in the coming week. I’ve enjoyed reading your resolutions. Bucket lists and resolutions are a great way to focus…

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Mesh: A New Way to Share Photo Galleries

I need to work on this. Book marked as a reblog.

The Daily Post

The first version of Mesh is available for the iPhone. If you’re an Android user or prefer to use Mesh from your desktop, log in from our website at

We’d love to know what you think of Mesh, so please leave feedback!

In a recent photo challenge, Beneath Your Feet, we introduced Mesh, a new way to share galleries. Mesh makes it easy to take your photos and videos off your phone and into a gallery, which you can share with anyone, anywhere.

With a few taps, you can make a new mesh of images. Each mesh has its own unique link, which you can share anywhere and is viewable by anyone who has the link.

Not sure how you might use Mesh? Here are some examples:

Blog post ideas:

  • A set of images, embedded in your photo challenge submission.
  • A photo essay or story from your kayaking…

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Spread your love in a shoe box

As I clicked on my Reader, the picture of this lovely pink box with a ribbon came on my screen. It was a lovely gesture by our fellow blogger Shih Yen, whose blog is about shoes and everything about shoes. Not only did she wrapped her gifts in the shoe box but the idea of having a theme for each shoe box clearly reflected the love and the effort she put into the gift.

What better way it is than to fill up a shoe box with gifts as a present. It’s a loving way of giving and that is what Christmas is all about.  Certainly Christmas is a time of giving and sharing not only with those around us but with others that we have never met and will never see.  Perhaps it is a time to assure the less fortunate children that there is a Santa Claus in this world.

We have another three weeks to go and gather as many shoe boxes as you can find and fill them up with goodies and bring a smile to those near and far.  For those loved ones close to your heart, Christmas is not just a time of giving and receiving presents but a time of being present and spend the day with them, share a meal, a little laugh and a big hug.

For those whom we have never met, do something nice for someone out there, the other person doesn’t even need to know you did it.  Let’s spread love and joy to the world this Christmas.

This is an extract from Shih Yen Shoes blog.  Blessings to you for your sweet deed.

Recently, I heard about Operation Christmas Child for the first time, and the only reason it got my attention was because of the word ‘shoe box.’ The idea is to fill a shoe box full of gifts for a child. Somehow this concept really appealed to me because I think a shoe box is just the perfect size to store treasures. Since 1993, this charity has given more than 100 million shoe boxes of gifts to children in 130 countries. In the Australia and New Zealand region this year, the focus will be on children in Samoa.

via Shoe boxes and charity.

Perennial Favorites: Create an Awesome (Free) Header in Ten Minutes

Something I have always been meaning to do.

Reblogging and hope I will get round to do it for a fresh new 2015 look.

Thank you Ben Huberman from the Daily Post for sharing.

The Daily Post

In this popular post from our archives, we go over the quick — and often fun — process of transforming a Creative Commons-licensed image into a sleek custom header.

A custom header image is one of those personal touches that can really set the tone of your blog and establish your visual brand. What’s that murmur in the back? You don’t have time to create a custom header? Image-editing software is too expensive? Think again. Today, we’ll show you how to create your own snazzy header quickly — and for free.

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