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As a way of saying ‘Thank you’ to fellow bloggers, littlegirlstory has come up with a list of recommended ‘Must Read’ post from the blogs she follow.  The nominated posts are awarded ‘littlegirlstory MUST READ’ badge which can be displayed alongside the nominated post.

This page is dedicated to the bloggers community and any readers who wish to promote their blogs are kindly invited to write a short introductory and provide the URL in the comments below.  This is an interactive page where bloggers promote and share their blog or just a particular post for the reading pleasure of other bloggers.   Providing your links here do not automatically earn you the ‘littlegirlstory MUST READ’ badge.  Only posts nominated by littlegirlstory are entitled to the badge.

This is a raw original idea by littlegirlstory.  All rights reserved.

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60 thoughts on “littlegirlstory ‘Must Read’ blogs

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    • Hi, Thank you for your visit. I have visited your blog and yes, it is fairly new. I have read your ‘About’ page and some of your posts but I cannot quite understand the ‘Product Reviews’ you are doing. Perhaps you may want to write a little introductory on it to get the participation? Just a thought. 🙂

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  6. Hey! 🙂 my blog is about my thoughts and whatever I feel is writable and just simply random stuff…I do not have many posts due to lack of ideas and school.Yes, blame it on school! anyways it would be awesome if someone gave me feedback and suggestions! I would just love that! 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

    • I have just been to your blog and love your photographs and those shoes image is so impressive. You did a great job on those posts but for some reason I could not find your ‘About’ page so I came back here to comment rather than on your blog. 🙂

      • Thankyou for stopping by ! 🙂
        I wish that shoe image was one of my own! hehe…I got it from a free stock photo site which have pretty cool pics I must say! but most of the other pics do belong to me though 🙂

        Yes, the about page is in the top menu draw thingy which you’ll need to click to expand (thanks to my new theme -.-)
        here’s he link anyway:

        Thanks again 😀

  7. HI! I’m quite new to this and trying to be a teacher/life ramblings blog. I’m just really worried that my writing style isn’t very good or I’m doing toO much so any feedback is great. I always start off thinking my posts are going yo be great and depthy but never end up feeling that way when I’m finished!
    Thanks x

  8. What a wonderful idea to be able to connect bloggers and promote each others work. I think i speak for others when i say that as a new blogger sometimes it isn’t easy or clear cut as to how you can engage with other bloggers and this sort of makes it easy for us. Great stuff 😀

    • Thank you for visiting and your comments greatly appreciated. It takes quite a lot out of me doing the ‘must read’ list of 10 that I shared every now and then. I find it easier to post a photo or participate in photo challenges anytime but again, I find it nice to connect with others and appreciate and share their blogs with my other readers once in a while. 🙂

      • Not at all, it is a pleasure. I can imagine it would require a lot of hard work on your part which is very commendable. At the beginning i wasn’t sure as to how to find other bloggers. But since i have been engaging in few challenges i have come across many wonderful blogs. These days i spend more time reading other bloggers posts as opposed to writing lol

      • Photo challenges is the best way to get traffic and the least time consuming to blog. Daily post is another. Reading other bloggers posts is also a way to interact with likes and comments. At the end of the day, I believe one should not go too far away from the theme or objective of one’s blog. I started mine as an autobiography and then it branched out to random tohughts of all sorts, food, travels and inspirational stories that I share every now and then. At one stage, I didn’t write as much (maybe a bit discouraged) as the responses I got from photo challenges (maybe a five minutes work) are amazing much more than a story which I may take much longer to write. But at the end of the day, I felt good writing and sharing so it’s all about the good feelings of expression be it photos, writing or reading. Everyone is different. Happy Monday ! 🙂

    • Thank you for visiting and for leaving your link. I publish a “must read” list of bloggers I follow once in a while. I am sure there will be some interesting posts I can find from your blog. Going to check it out now.

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