LittleGirlStory Recommended MUST READ posts – List 3


Some or most of you may be wondering what this is about.  Basically I am sharing with other readers posts of others that I have read and liked.

I created a little badge to mark my liking of such posts and recipients are welcomed to use this little badge on their post.

I have now allocated a page on my blog for all these wonderful blogs for easy access.  Please check out the ‘littlegirlstory MUST READ blogs‘ tab on the top of my blog next to ‘About’ page.

This is my third list of recommendations of 10 posts that I have read and loved.

I hope other bloggers will enjoy reading them too.

The above badge is my creation and if your blog is recommended please feel free to pingback or reblog this post.  You may right click on my MUST READ badge and add it to your post and please link back the idea to this particular post.

This is just my raw idea as a way of saying THANK YOU for sharing your posts.

Please place your mouse on the nomination and click to get you there.

1.  Other then OM, she is amongst the first few bloggers I followed.  I was often amused by her sense of humor and the imaginary parties she held on weekends with fellow bloggers.  She is a great poet and if you haven’t yet guessed who this wonderful lady is, please click here and check it out.  Should I mention her name?  She is non other than Scottishmomus.

2.  This blogger is another great poet and her blog is musical too.  Nodz wrote  Thoughts and feelings are just wide as an ocean, sometimes we drown ourselves into it, then in words we create.

3.  Americantaitai wrote – So what about you?  What are some things that you are willing to stand in line for?  What’s the longest time you’ve lined up for food, and was it worth the wait?  Be sure to click here and check out this interesting read.

4.  Check out Stuphblog’s poem on heartache ‘Whilst it lasted’.  He commented that when happiness comes, so will the poem.  So heartache no more.  🙂

5.  Here’s a travel blog.  Thinking of visiting Santorini?  Christine shared with us where to stay with lovely photo shots too.

6.  Another travel blog.  International Bellhop wrote about ‘Destination – a week in Malaysia – my home country and shared with us photos and food (yes food for a foodie) of my beloved country.

7.  Reblogged by Mama Bear Musings (thank you), I stumbled on The Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds.  (Both bloggers deserve LittleGirlStory Recommended Badge).

8.  Check out SmallPeebles ‘Grace of Rain’ in New Mexico.  Lovely images of raindrops too.

9.  The Underground Writer wrote, ‘Think you’re so tough?’  It’s an interesting read on plastic bottles.

10.  No recommendations is complete without including a post on food.  Let’s go check out Witchin’ in the kitchen’s recipe on Mango Chutney.

So that’s the 10 nominations this round.

I have been with WordPress for 5 months and now following 99 blogs so if you know I am your follower and do not yet see your post in the recommendations please watch out this space coming up again soon.

Last but not least, I would like to invite all of you to please check out my Page on “littlegirlstory recommended MUST READ blogs” and please LIKE or comment an introductory of your blog or post and use that page as an interactive page with other fellow bloggers.

Happy Reading !

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