I am not a writer neither am I an avid reader so blogging my autobiography may be a challenge but this is something I want to do.  I am closer to 70 than 20. When I leave this world or even before when thoughts of my life and my childhood becomes fainter and fainter, I hope my blog will be my footprints on earth should someone out there stumble upon it and know that I have existed in this world, a life bestowed on me one early morning in January half a century ago.

I chose this theme and the picture of the acorn (or more likely pinecone) for my blog. This image stood out, calling ‘choose me’. It looks ever so familiar because I have one lonely pinecone that stood proudly at the centre of my outdoor table. This pinecone represents me, though alone, is tough and has persevered all seasons. It was not forgotten when we shifted house, it came with me claiming its rightful place on that table. That is how important that pinecone is to me.


Update – I have added a Facebook Page for my littlegirlstory.  Please join me on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/littleborneogirl and feel free to add your blog and stories there.

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  1. I’ve read through your blog and recipes and just want to say YUMMMMM can’t wait to try them and look forward to your posting more!

    • Hi Lorraine, somehow your comment went to my trash folder and I had to unspam it. Yes, I realised that lonely acorn is more likely a pinecone. 🙂

    • Yes Lyliana, I am a Borneo girl. I spent quite a bit of time in Jakarta last year and visited Bali too and would love to be back. Thank you for visiting me. 🙂

  2. Hi there,
    You have been nominated by me for the WordPress Family Award. I chose you partly for your creativity in writing but also for your contentedness with the WordPress community. I am proud to be part of this community of amazing talented people for which YOU are a part. Congratulations. Check on my blog for instructions and how to accept this award. http://wp.me/s3ia4v-1244

    Whispering Insights aka Oliana Kim

  3. it is a lovely acorn and quite lonely it is but there is a great saying:Being lonely is better that that company who suspects at you and gives you wrong advises”
    So loneliness is a thousand times bitter dear
    Far away;a nice blog and an impressing way of writing you have,Carry on dude 🙂

  4. Hello, littleborneogirl. I am happy you decided to join the reader family of Diabetic Redemption. Welcome! On my site, I have a Friends page, where my readers leave information about themselves and their blogs. I hope you will do the same. Again, welcome!

  5. I see that you already hit the Friends page — thanks. That idea came to me from another blogger, and if you like it, I hope you start a Friends page on your blog. Sorry I am behind on comments, etc. Welcome!

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  7. A beautiful outlook and very heartfelt writing. The best part of blogging isn’t just the writing and leaving a legacy (you can do that in a journal in your desk) but it is the formation of a community who appreciates and recognizes the work and contributions we each make. You make feel a single pinecone on a table, but you’re really one of many in a large tree of other writers sharing their experiences ….

    • Thank you very much Dale for the reassuring comment. Indeed I started my blog as my autobiography and it has since extended beyond. I hope to build and gather a community of like minded bloggers to share not only the writings but to comment and build a connection of friendship and understanding. Many bloggers pen their thoughts and feelings hence comments on blogs as such are truly encouraging. Greatly appreciated.

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  11. I find it interesting you give yourself the pseudonym, little girl on borneo etc. Clearly you know more, or at least have experienced more. You are far from the cutesy “girl” suggested in the name.

    Keep on blogging!

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  15. I love your blog and the pinecone, albeit lonely as it is. Your writing makes me want to sit with you on your porch, there along with the pinecone, and just listen to a few of your stories. 🙂

  16. Hi
    Very interesting story and great blog. The Borneo part is of great interest considering our story. My wife and I visited Borneo in 2011 and having been laid off last year, decided to try early retirement and head to Penang on an MM2H visa. We’ve never been to Peninsular Malayisa before so it’s a leap of faith. I’ve always been a wanna-be-writer but wasted 30+ years in a cubicle at a boring job. Since we can;t leave until I’m 50 (visa thing) I satrted my blog early and I’m scouring for blogs with similar topics, especially Malaysian based ones.

    My blog is new and you are exactly the kind of blogger I search for while trying to build a readership and make new friends. If you could check out my blog briefly at http://www.experimentalexpats.com, I’d be honored to have you as a follower if you enjoy it.

    Thanks; I look forward to following you and reading more interesting posts
    Rob and Diane

    • Hi Rob and Diane, Thank you for your comments and visiting my blog. I just returned home (my home is now Auckland) after visiting my hometown Kuching. There are many MM2H visa holders happily retired in various cities in Malaysia. Stay in touch. Cheers Jess

      • Hi
        Thanks for following the blog; What made you move to Auckland? Isn’t that much more expensive? Australia is on the travel list but probably not for awhile or at least until we see how far our money will take us out there. We will certainly be returning to Borneo however and look forward to seeing Sarawak next time
        Rob and Diane

  17. Thanks for popping by to nihongojapango and the follow. I love your pinecone header. As soon as I saw it, I thought, this is a blogI am going to enjoy! So are you basedin NZ? I can see lots of Aotearoa on your blog. I am looking forward to following it and exploring further!

  18. It’s so cute that you saw this one acorn out of the many to be the theme, Even for me nature reminds me that not everything in life is one straight path, Thank you for following my blog 🙂

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