Together we will build a strong, engaged (bloggers) community

Yeah, it’s my last assignment, Blogging 201, Day Fourteen – Make the most of Events

– Quote –

When it comes to building a strong, engaged community on your blog, nothing can replace steadily publishing and engaging and commenting on others’ blogs – but that doesn’t mean you cannot help yourself (or your blog) target new audiences through blogging events, both virtual and in real-life.

Today’s assignment: create a recurring blogging event on your site, and/or make plans to attend a blogging conference.


– Unquote –


As part of engaging community on my blog, I currently run the below events and assigned separate pages for these activities.

1.   Littlegirlstory ‘Must Read’ posts – This is a raw idea where I created my own littlegirlstory ‘Must Read’ badge for 10 nominated posts every now and then from a list of blogs I followed.  It is a post of links to other blogs that I share with my readers.

Occasionally I promote this page on DP Community Pool for new bloggers to promote their blog on my page where I will visit and comment on your blogs.


2.  ‘Share your suburb Challenge’ is another page for bloggers to link any posts related to stories, activities and introductory to their suburb, towns or cities they live in.

Perhaps I need to reblog this challenge once every now and then to get pingbacks and links.  I believe I have not promoted this interactive idea enough.


3.   ‘Littlegirlstory’ Wordless Wedndesday – This idea of creating a page with links to bloggers participating in ‘Wordless Wednesday’ came about when I happened to be off work one Wednesday.

Bloggers just need to pingback their submission and link it with my ‘Wordless Wednesday’ page.


Now back to the assignment, I need your support so if you are doing any posts relating to any of the above, please pingback your links on my page.  All these are ‘open events’ meaning that they are on-going and please feel free to link as many of your posts as you wishes as long as they are related to the topic.


I am so glad I have finally completed Blogging 201, Class of April 2014.  I may perhaps be the last (or the last but one – who knows) nonetheless, I am glad I completed what I set out to do.

Thank you very much for reading my assignments (posts) as I know many of you are not part of this project but you have all been wonderful and had indirectly supported me and encouraged me.  I could feel the ‘chi’ (energy) from all of you that kept me going from one assignment to the next (though slow but steady).  I believed that is the result of ‘building a strong, engaged community’.  I hope you have also learnt something through reading my assignments alongside with me.

Together we will ‘build a strong, engaged bloggers community’.


One last word of reminder, please do not forget my above three events (projects).  Place your mouse over those projects 1, 2 & 3 and click to take you there.  The best thing is that are there on my pages and you can pingback anytime whenever you are about to post anything relevant.




Please share your thoughts.

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