Which posts of yours had the greatest success and why?

You don't have to beg!  Just follow these tipsYou don’t have to beg! Just follow these tips


80% of people will only read your headline

20% will read the first sentence of your article.

10% of you are reading this sentence right now…I’m losing you.

via This Post Will Get More Likes Than Yours: How To Get More WordPress Shares.



The above is an extract from Btraven.org’s post on

“This Post will get more Likes and yours : How to get more WordPress Shares”.

By the way, Btraven’s above percentage totals to 110% so you are not talking about the 80/20 Pareto’s Principle, are you?

I would like to refer to Pareto’s Principle to viewers on my blog that in anything a few (20 percent) are vital and many (80 percent) are trivial.  A simple example would be if you have 100 visitors and 20 visitors are interactive feeding your posts with likes and comments, these will be the audience you are looking for.

From personal experience, my facebook audience are ‘passive readers’ and most if not all are ‘touch and go’ viewers so I gave up ‘begging’ for likes on my facebook page.  These viewers from facebook together with those from search engines are my 80% (trivial) while my 20% (vital) are WordPress bloggers and followers (thank you).

Btraven ended his post with “Which posts of yours had the greatest success and why?”


I was going to comment and share my answer but my comment would probably be longer than his post so I said I will post it in my own blog.  I have been meaning to share this wonder post of mine but haven’t got round to doing it yet till now.  Thank you to Btaven.org I finally got this post out.

That wonder post that lifted my graph bar almost three times my daily views and this went on for at least six weeks.

It all started with a simple post on Daily prompt : Make Me Smile (posted on 8 April 2014).  The graph bar did not immediately shoot up.  It took a couple or more days and then I did some search myself and found out that many people all over the world were searching for ‘smiles’ or ‘smileys’ and they all were directed to an image I downloaded and shared on that post.  The traffic was amazingly crazy (given that I have under 300 followers) for at least six weeks after that post was published.  That sure boost the traffic all right, but they were to me ‘trivial’ or ‘passive’ or ‘touch and go’ viewers.  Visitors found the image they wanted, probably copied it and there they go.  I credited the image back to the source and my link stats to the originator of that smiley face got the highest clicks too during those high traffic weeks.  It was thrilling no doubt for me to see my stats shot up so high for that period.

So back to the question : Which posts of yours had the greatest success and why?

That post was a success in terms of shooting the bar graph up high and lasted for six if not eight weeks.  I did not put in any effort doing that particular post.  It was a light hearted post of images on smiles and I did not even create my own images, used free images and indirectly boosted their traffic too.

Here’s that smiley face that brought me my current all time high view and quite consistently over 300 views daily for at least six weeks (but back to normal now, perhaps everyone is already smiling and do not need to search for smileys anymore).

Please click here for my wonder post  Prompt : Make me Smile that accounted for my highest daily view.  It also goes to show there are many people in the world looking for smiles and happiness poems and images that appear a lot on my blog’s ‘search engine terms’.

Now it’s your turn to share Which posts of yours had the greatest success and why?

10 thoughts on “Which posts of yours had the greatest success and why?

    • My most viewed post is my home page and it’s indeed amazing my number two most viewed post is this one (Daily Prompt : Make me Smile). You must be really popular, The Vanilla Housewife that your viewers check out who you are (about page). 🙂 Happy blogging.

      • My smile post has stopped being my ‘daily top view’ for the last few weeks. It’s popularity lasted 6 – 8 weeks and below is the stat, a cut and past from the All Time Views. See how it has crept up to be the second popular next to my homepage and my blog has just turned one.
        Daily Prompt : Wear your Smile was posted on 8, April 2014 and bar graph shot up around 12 April till 17 May 2014. I was truly amazed when I found out SMILE was the result of it so I thought wow pretty cool and going to share this ‘tip’ with all bloggers. SMILE 🙂

        All Time
        Title Views
        Home page / Archives 9,849
        Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile 4,235

      • Don’t worry about views, it will definitely climb up after a couple of years. I know I’ll be adding to that stats! 😀

      • It’s just amazing how a post on SMILE raised my bar graph so high, I am just an average blogger in terms of stats and blog as a hobby so I am happy with the 20% and these are my motivators.

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