Narrow Forest Tracks

Photos from our walk to Mangemangeroa Reserve.
A magnificent landscape of farmland, coastal native bush and stunning estuary views. The surrounding farmland gives you the chance to wander amongst grazing cattle. This walkway can be wet and muddy so best to explore the narrow forest tracks on a fine day. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.


8 thoughts on “Narrow Forest Tracks

  1. Looks like such a peaceful walk, Jess. Hope you and company had a great time enjoying the lush surrounds šŸ™‚ Really like the last shot a lot – sort of like a path leading to a magical world ā¤

  2. What great pictures. The path looks very interesting especially the stairs. Right now we are at our cottage in Finland and here the paths are, well they are just some small trails leading through the forest without any markers or similar so you got to find always somehow the right track

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