A place for both the young and old ….

Auckland War Memorial Museum stands on the hill known by Māori as Pukekawa.

I walked past its grounds one evening and noticed the vibrancy of this place.

Not only are the taonga (treasures) from Māori (the peoples of Oceania and New Zealand) and our natural world showcased inside the three floors of this magnificent museum, its ground is a place of happenings for both the young and old.

Here is the story in pictures.


My beloved four-legged

There is a special human whom I love to bits.

Obviously we never argue ‘cos he does not speak.

But his eyes tell me he loves me lots.

You are my shadow, it doesn’t matter you have four legs.

Beautiful Scenery

On a nice sunny day, nature looks so beautiful.
Blue skies and sea,
green leaves and shades of spring,
so pleasing to the eye.

We move so briskly through our daily lives, we don’t typically notice the details of the world around us. The structure of living things, the intricacy of our own bodies, even the components of human-made technology; all can be sources of wonder.


Truly Amazing Body Art

This evening, I was at an event at a local hotel ‘inhabited‘ by a group of talented artists and their models showing off their beautiful art painted on bare bodies.

Body Art is a truly amazing and artistic showcase of paintings on the human body, similar to permanent tattoos.

Sharing some photos of the lovey evening.



Evanescent as snow

So windy.  My hair was all over my face and they seemed to like it.  Blowing wildly as I tried to take selfies at Coronet Peak, Queenstown.

Beautiful views from the peak.  Gondolas hanging on a line, moving up and down.  It’s almost winter now so time for ski.  So many nice things to do there.

What a lovely spot, though evanescent for me and other visitors.  Similarly skiing is evanescent as snow only falls in winter.


Humour shots from angry neighbours

I started the day reading the local daily and found these humour shots.

If you live in a shared house or an apartment building, it’s quite likely you hear your neighbours moving around from time to time.

Sometimes though, they can be just a bit too noisy – a habit that can drive people to post a passive aggressive note, post-it, or printed sign to express their frustration.

Photo credits The Poke via NZ Herald.

Chaotic Fireworks


A single shot

that releases

lights in the dark sky,

forming shapes of flowers,

made up of millions of sparks,

glittering randomly for seconds,

bringing chaos to the otherwise night sky,

something only fireworks can do.


Via Daily Post Chaos

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Weekend Fun

Happy weekend everyone.

Let’s make the most out of this weekend, have some laughs and fun.

Do the simple things, time out with friends or families.

Inject some fun into a lovely walk, jump for a photo shot.

Or if you are alone, go watch a comedy.

Life is only as good and as fun as you make it.

image image

Narrow Forest Tracks

Photos from our walk to Mangemangeroa Reserve.
A magnificent landscape of farmland, coastal native bush and stunning estuary views. The surrounding farmland gives you the chance to wander amongst grazing cattle. This walkway can be wet and muddy so best to explore the narrow forest tracks on a fine day. Dogs must be on a leash at all times.