The spirit of Christmas


xmaslunchThe Viaduct Event Centre is preparing for 2500 guests for the Annual Community Christmas lunch by Auckland City Mission.

This year’s volunteers are already all hands on deck at the City Mission headquarters as the big day draws closer.

To feed the thousands the mission has ordered 2000 chicken drumsticks, 300kg of ham, 300kg of potatoes and 240kg of kumara.

The City Missioner, Dame Diane Robertson, said ….

“It’s like an instant pop-up restaurant for 2000 people.”

“It is not about people being hungry, it’s not only about poverty, it’s about the spirit of Christmas and about celebrating together.”

Photo credit & report from NZ Herald.

 I thought I would share this photo, a meaningful gathering of people celebrating together in the spirit of Christmas.

A blessed Christmas to all friends and bloggers across the globe.


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