From limelight to spotlight

Yesterday my spirit was low
you may call it mood swing
it’s one of those days
when I felt so unappreciated.

Times when I give and do nice things for others
spending all my efforts to share any goodness
all I needed was just a word of ‘thank you’
a hug or a smile of acknowledgement.

I gave willingly without expectations
of payment materially but being human
I cannot help feeling disappointed
when one is so much taken for granted.

Not allowing that feeling to drag me down
trying to cheer up, I went out for brunch
with a friend and my four legged buddy
unknowing the worst moment is yet to come.

It all happened at the spur of that fated moment
for no reason that four legged buddy
suddenly jumped at a waitress
his two teeth marks left a red patch on her arm.









It was all so sudden
the poor lass was scared no doubt
those at the other tables we murmuring
that ‘vicious’ dog should not be out in public.

Toby looks ‘vicious’ but inside him he is timid
my friend was waving that Table Number Stand at the waitress
and perhaps my four legged was just being protective
but it was too late for justification.

It was a huge embarrassment
when all eyes were looking at us critically
and the victim no doubt traumatized
what others saw was just the obvious.

I left my food on the table untouched
brought the waitress to the doctor
what the doctor said was such a comfort
there is nothing to worry about this minor injury.

My four legged friend is not friendly with strangers
but he does not bite but the mere fact that he jumped on people
and caused that abrasion to her arm
in the eyes of the public, he is a ‘vicious’ dog.

Perhaps he can no longer go to public places with me
unless I can teach him never to jump or touch a stranger
but strangers sometimes come round to pet him
although I always warned he is not ‘nice’.

Image credit

Image credit









It seems bad things come in pairs (hopefully not triple)
my four legged buddy was a real disappointment
to smear mummy’s image in public and he must be punished
he may not understand why he had to stay outside in the cold last night.

This story started with me in low spirit feeling unappreciated
the spell is broken from being in the limelight to the spotlight
mood swing indeed, thanks to my four legged buddy
turning my world upside down.


This is one of those days that I wished I never should have adopted a dog.

I still love him to bits.  What would you do if you were me?

Binding Judgment

Does it ever make sense to judge a book by its cover — literally or metaphorically?
Tell us about a time you did, and whether that was a good decision or not.

My idea to have a pet and this little cute puppy looked up at me and seemed to say ‘pick me, pick me.’  That was a decision I made over four years ago and that decision was both good and not so good.  He has turned my world upside down, taking up so much of my time and freedom but he is my faithful friend and my hot water bottle in winter.

7 thoughts on “From limelight to spotlight

  1. So sorry to hear about his unpleasant incident. That is not something you want your pets to do to others. Is this the first time he has reacted this way? There must be a reason for his behaviour. Maybe Toby was having a bad day. Maybe there was something about the waitress that reminded him of something bad that happened in the past. I hope you’re feeling better now, Jess.

    • Toby had jumped on strangers during walks on two occasions when he was not on lead and I know it is risky but he never opened his mouth when he jumped. That is something pretty dangerous and rude but this is the first time he did that in a public place (cafe) and hurt that lady. I think in past two instances those people took it as a greeting kind of thing and just stayed still, ignoring him; He always jumped around and on me when he knows I am taking him for a walk although I had told him off but he cannot keep his excitement. I am feeling ok now. This big drama had overtaken my little depression, big time ! Thanks Mabel.

      • Good to hear you’re better. Yeah, I’ve had random dogs jump up on me, put their front paws on my jeans when they see me. I always take this as their way of saying hi and being friendly. The owners are always quick to chase the dogs away from me…guess they don’t want any harm done to me.

        I hope you can take Toby out again soon and this incident won’t happen again. He seems pretty stubborn, but I think he’s always ready to protect you.

      • I pray too Tob will understand as now I am repeated talking to him ‘no jumping up on people’ . He looks at me as though he understood what I kept repeating. 🙂

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