Blogging 201, Day Five: Give ‘Em What They Want

I am getting further and further away from this blogging 201 project.

I am on Day Five while others are perhaps on Day Thirteen or Fourteen.

I continue to self motivate myself, Never, Never, Never give up said Winston Churchill.


Today’s assignment: conduct a short and simple stats analysis that will help you create an editorial calendar for the next 30 days.


Sharing some tips here – you will notice I do my blogging 201 assignments by sharing the tips and blogging about it.  By sharing, I am learning at the same time.

Today’s assignment is about your blog stats.  I want to express my thanks to my readers and followers especially those who LIKE or COMMENT on my post.  This is an encouragement to me that I am not writing for myself only.  I also noticed that the number of followers for each blogger is an open book so there is nothing to hide or to be embarrassed about.  So what if someone has 2,000 or more followers and I only have 200 or maybe less.  Be it blogging or any hobby, as long as you are passionate doing something, keep doing it, good or bad.   It’s your own perception as long as you do not hurt anyone when engaging in something that thrill you at the expense of hurting another.

Blogging 201 Day 5 talks about stats and traffic.  If you go to your stats, you could pick up your top posts and which days of the week brings you the most traffic.

I wish I could show you a table of my stats (blush blush) as an example but I am not tech savvy enough, hence please click here to get to Blogging 201 day 5 for the step by step instructions with tables of the Blogging 201 stats to show.

Here’s an extract of the tip from Blogging 201 day 5.

Take a look at your blog’s popular posts and popular days, and sketch out an editorial calendar for the next 30 days. Ask yourself:

  • What are your top five features? Which topics do they represent?
  • Which days of the week bring the most traffic?
  • When should you plan to publish new posts on your most popular topic?

Yeah, playing around my stats, clicking here and there, that’s this day 5 assignment done.

In recent weeks, Thursday has been my best days on traffic for most weeks.  What’s yours?