What’s all the fuss about square plates?

Plates can be any shape but the more common ones are round especially for dinner plates and saucers.

Food on a square plate

‘The MasterChef judge William Sitwell has declared square plates an abomination.’  Photograph: Brian Macdonald/Getty Images

Square plates are an ‘abomination’, says MasterChef judge William Sitwell.  The BBC cookery judge says he is holding an amnesty on square plates at a food festival near his home and will dispose of square plates on behalf of owners

Meat on a square plate

Food critic Mr Sitwell: ‘No food should be served on a plate with a right angle’ Photo: Alamy

The above article is an extract from The Telegraph dated 13 May 2014.

Have you noticed that Japanese commonly serve their food on square or rectangular plates both in restaurant and home?  Even their takeaway box, bento is a big square box with compartments to hold rice, fish or meat, with pickled vegetables.

A typical bento – image credit  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bento

Yet some people tend to agree with William Sitwell that food should be served on round plates and not a right angle in sight.

“A square plate is at odds with nature … and Mother Nature produces ingredients that are many shapes – including round, but never square. Food that is presented on a round plate therefore has more affinity with the vessel on which it is presented. A chef who plates up on a square plate more often than not has their eye more on presentation than actual flavour and texture. The square plate is too frequently part of an armoury of a cook who is hoping to divert attention from their own inadequacy, in the mistaken belief that the squareness or indeed rectangular shape will lend the cook some kind of fashionable vibe. Except it is very much out of fashion, as pointless as the sprinkling of micro-herbs or grit.”

– Quote BBC MasterChef Judge William Sitwell

I have no problem eating on square or round plates.  Square (or rectangle) white dinnerware has got the modern look and are good for serving platters.

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What’s all the fuss about square plates?