Happy Place – WOW, a fantastic weekend break

Sometimes all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.  A weekend break is the best thing to do to rejuvenate, unwind and recharge.

WOW (World of Wearable Arts) isn’t an everyday thing but it is an annual weekend treat worth waiting for.  What a fantastic happy place to be.

And .. of course no break is complete without trying out all sorts of food and drinks.  We repeated what we did last year and had a great meal of tapas with sweet treats @ Ombra before flying home.


Where do you go when you need to think? What do you do when you need to restore yourself, to ready yourself to take on the coming week with energy and verve? How do you get your sense of humor back? How do you recharge your groove?

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Boundaries – Imaginary or real


The boundary between land and sea is the shoreline.
The boundary between earth and sky is the horizon.
Boundaries are everywhere.
Imaginary or real.

This week, share your take on “boundaries” — please feel free to interpret the theme as literally (or not) as you see fit. I look forward to browsing through your photos!

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From Every Angle – Silo Park, Auckland

The name says it all, Silo Park, situated between Jellicoe and Beaumont Streets has been established around the 35 metre Golden Bay cement silo and ‘Silo 6’ in recognition of the area’s industrial heritage. Throughout the summer, Night markets take place every Friday evening in Silo Park. The Silos come to life in the form of outdoor cinema.

Silo Park needs more than three angles to show its beauty.  I have only captured a part of the Park.

DSC07178 DSC07179 DSC07182 DSC07189 IMG_2718

From Every AngleThis week, photograph a stationary subject from three different angles.

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Off-Season – Lancelin beach and sand dunes


Looking to escape somewhere nice and not too far from Perth. You want to relax on a nice sandy beach or do some sport? Well, Lancelin is the place to go.

About an hours and a half drive North of Perth, Lancelin is a small town that stretches along a bay, with the Indian Ocean on one side and sand dunes on the other.

When the weather allows it, Lancelin beaches and the reefs around are the perfect places to go snorkelling, diving or surfing. The beach is really clean and the water a clear blue. For the professional divers, there are many shipwrecks to explore. For surfers or kite surfers, it is an ideal place to go. The waves are great and there is always enough wind for you to have fun.

77181_1636406600493_1546581127_31498572_2833900_n 148123_1636384519941_1546581127_31498512_5875308_n

Click here to check out what to do in Lancelin, Perth.

Umbrellas in winter? Balaclavas in July? Show us what “off-season” means to you.

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Blur but memorable


This quick shot was taken at our local School Gala.  Lovely display of teddy bears with jars of marmalade and honey for sale.

This quick shot was taken at our local School Gala. Lovely display of teddy bears with jars of marmalade and honey for sale.

A late evening shot of Balloons over Waikato.  A blurry but memorable shot.

A late evening shot of Balloons over Waikato. A blurry but memorable shot.

A throwaway shot, or purposefully unfocused? This week, find beauty in a blur.

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Reward is love and care for all

My friends were talking about a meetup group known as ‘Free Vegetarian Lunch’.  I am certainly not a vegetarian and being a foodie I love to try all sorts of food.  So I gave up lazing in bed on this nice Saturday morning to see what this ‘Free Vegetarian Lunch’ is all about.

My friend and I turned up at the venue right on time.  The venue was a nice, volunteers who managed the place were extremely nice and friendly.  We waited for an hour but still no lunch.  In the end, we left and went for Yum Cha instead.

So the reward?

Certainly not the free vegetarian lunch but we learned about their passion.

Mission of Charity
“Educating the rich to help the poor; inspiring the poor to realize their riches”

Here’s a song they shared with us.

Reward is love and care for all.



Tzu Chi, which means “compassionate relief” in Chinese, was founded in 1966 by Taiwanese Buddhist nun Cheng Yen, then 29, to do relief work around the world; it now has branches in 47 countries.


What does reward mean to you?

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Rule of Thirds – Jacaranda & Pohutukawa trees

Beautiful Jacaranda in bloom with the white colonial house in the background.

Pohutukawa tree and its shadow at noon.

Pohutukawa tree and its shadow at noon.


The Rule of Thirds is a photography concept that puts the subject of the photograph off-center, which usually results in blank space in the rest of the image.

The Rule of Thirds is just a guideline, not a rule, and there will be times when it doesn’t work for you — when you want to minimize the background, or fill the frame with your subject.  Give it a try in your everyday shooting, though, and see if it doesn’t add a bit more life to your images.

Thank you to my friend, Bryce for contributing those shots.

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