Happy Chinese New Year 2014 – a celebration with a difference

It’s almost midnight here in Auckland on the first day of the lunar new year.  By the time this post is published, we will be entering the second day of the year of the wooden horse.  While we see lots of posts on Christmas, there are not many (if any) that I could find on my ‘Reader’ on WordPress so I thought I will share the celebration and wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year 2014.


My children has gone to Malaysia to celebrate the Chinese New Year with their PoPo (Grandmother) and here am I all alone at home if not for my overseas guest who chose to remain here to spend the special occasion with me.

On new year’s eve we had a Korean BBQ dinner at home, just the two of us with a bottle of bubbles.  Such a huge feast, though different from a traditional chinese new year meal normally with a dozen or more dishes individually cooked, a huge effort.  We had a big feast of varieties too but preparation time was well cut down.  There was no waste of leftovers too as we only cooked what we could eat.

Korean BBQ - Quick & Simple.  You could have as much or as little as you 'cook as you eat'.

Korean BBQ – Quick & Simple. You could have as much or as little as you ‘cook as you eat’.

After dinner, we took Toby (my doggie) out for a little walk.  It was a nice summer night and didn’t get dark till 9pm at least most nights.  We spent the night in front of the TV (something I haven’t done for ages).  Since my guest arrived a month ago, I even watched the American Idols and that indeed does not sound like me but it was a way to socialize with my guest rather then spend all my time on my blog.

Today we had Thai meal for lunch at a Thai Restaurant at the marina and then came home and decided to bake and I ended up making two pizzas, a loaf of bread, a taro cake and a tapioca cake.

Going Thai for Chinese New Year?

Going Thai for Chinese New Year?

Left : Taro Cake & Right : Tapioca Cake Taro can can be pan fried or decorated with condiments

Left : Taro Cake & Right : Tapioca Cake
Taro cake can be pan fried or decorated with condiments.  I was too tired to do the condiments so we decided to freeze the taro cake and cut into smaller pieces for pan fry later.

Our dinner was the two pizzas made from scratch, from crust to fillings and to add a little ‘chinese’ to the otherwise non-chinese meal for an auspicious chinese new year day, we decided to cook a bowl of Szechuan hot and sour soup (forgotten to take a picture to show).

Pizzas for Chinese New Year?

Pizzas for Chinese New Year?

This was my celebration of Chinese new year with a difference.  While my family are in Malaysia visiting relatives and friends back home, here am I keeping myself super busy doing the things I enjoyed and it was even better that I had company.

Who would have thought any Chinese would bake on Chinese New Year day?  All cakes and cookies would have been made prior.  It was a random decision on our part and I guess any activity that is done in harmony is fun and that itself is a celebration.

I wonder if today (or yesterday) is an special day for you irregardless whether or not you are celebrating Chinese new year?  The Asian or Chinese population are now living in all parts of the world so I believe the Lunar New Year celebration is happening worldwide.

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