Last but Not Least …….. Yum Seng !

In your imaginary award acceptance speech (yes, we know you have one), who’s the very last — and most important — person you thank?

via Last but Not Least.

This is an interesting topic. I do not often dream (either awake or asleep) but after two glasses of relaxing ‘reds’ (or is it more, I might have lost count) tonight, I will visualize my dream and my imaginary speech.

I have a great passion for food and in my business degree, my project was to set up a country cafe. In New Zealand where I live now, life is pretty relaxed as compared to where I grew up (Malaysia and Singapore). Back home we were (still is) so much career driven and no one (or hardly anyone) leave the office at 5pm sharp. In New Zealand, most if not all leave work after doing a seven and a half hours of work each day. If anyone work overtime, they get paid for it, so there is every reason to stay beyond your normal hours. It probably is the Asian mindset that you have to work hard as we do not get such things as government subsidy or unemployment benefit (as one example).

I may have side tracked so in a nutshell, my dream is to have a home grown franchise – food related. There are ready franchise available easily but I dream to create my own as a legacy that lives on even when I die. I dream to join KFC, McDonald or Burger King.

Tonight I will imagine that my home grown franchise of Asian Tapas is in its eighth year and I have eighty outlets in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand and still growing. In our eighth anniversary dinner, I thank, last but not least, New Zealand Lotto for making my dream come true.

Eight years ago, I was the winner of twenty eight million dollars which allowed me to kick of this franchise without which I will still be dreaming of sharing my cooking skills. Thank you very much to my lucky stars that I am able to show off my satays, marmite chicken, yam cake and many more to all that patronized my restaurant chains.

Last but not least, thank you to NZ Lotto and my lucky stars.  Let us toast to the success of Enjoy Eats.  …………. Yum Seng !