Easy Fish Pie

I have had this pack of Maggi Instant Fish Pie seasoning (recipe base) sitting in my pantry for the last few months.  I do enjoy fish pies every now and then but never actually tried making it myself.

Indeed I am surprised how easy it is to make them and how quick it is.  I did not even actually need a recipe as I randomly throw in what I could find in my fridge.  The main ingredient is FISH, of course.

Here’s my recipe. As I am a random chef, in fact the quantity I used are approximate (ingredients in cooking doesn’t need to be exact, unlike baking).

250g smoked fish
2 big potatoes
100g green peas
1 small carrot
2 leaves of cabbage
1 big onion (white)
A tiny piece of ginger & garlic  (optional)
200g Grated cheese (I used mozarella & tasty cheese)
1 pack of fish pie seasoning/recipe base
250ml milk

To prepare the mashed potatoes
1. Chop the potatoes into small pieces and micro for 8mins till soft with a spoonful of butter.
2. Add salt, herbs (optional), some grated cheese and some milk (50g) to make a creamy mash.  Save the rest of the milk for cooking the filling.

To prepare the pie fillings
1. Chop the cabbage into tiny long wedges and micro for 3mins.
2. Chop the onions into small pieces.
3. Shred the carrots.
4. Cut the smoked fish into small pieces.
5. Heat the stove with some butter and fry the onions. If you wish to add ginger and garlic, put them in first before the onions. Add cabbage, carrots and fry on small heat till soft.
6. Add the peas, fish, seasoning/base and add in the rest of the milk.
7. Stir till thick and creamy, then add some cheese.  Leave some cheese for toppings.

Use a baking dish and pour in the cooked fish fillings. Add the mashed potatoes making sure the whole dish is covered with the potatoes and sprinkle the cheese on top. Bake 175%c for 20-25 minutes or till brown.

It looks quite a lot to digest from reading or even writing the steps down but I assure you, the whole cooking process took me 15 minutes to prepare (including cooking the fillings) and 20 minutes to bake. It’s a 35 minutes meal !  Serves 4.


Just in time to submit this recipe to Our Growing Edge by Bunny Eats Design where I happened to be the host for this month. Theme: RANDOM YET CREATIVE calls for contributors to share their cooking, any original recipe that they created from anything random they came across in their fridge or supermarket shelves. In short, just last minute meals, something they throw together with whatever ingredients available.


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– The Eighth Sin is being too passionate about food. The tip of the day is to create, to sample but not to indulge !