Cosmetic surgery anyone ? For vanity or profession ?


Plastic surgery anyone ?  For vanity or profession ?

As our local daily reports ………..

When you consider Western women’s motivations for plastic surgery, employment doesn’t tend to feature. With the exception of glamour models and actresses, whose careers might rely on levels of perfection Mother Nature simply can’t deliver, cosmetic alterations are generally chosen for personal reasons. Or as “personal” as possible when you in live in an appearance-obsessed society, rather than a bubble.

In other words, plastic surgery in the Western world is overwhelmingly attributed to “vanity”, for want of a less damning term.

Not so in China. As reported by The Daily Beast contributor Joanna Chiu, Chinese women are going under the knife in the belief it will help them professionally.

To read on please click Cosmetic surgery to get ahead booms in China.

What is the world becoming?

Have we all lost our confidence?

Why the need for cosmetic surgery?

The answer to that is numerous. I would not venture into that but if anyone is so desperate as to consider changing your looks to get ahead (other than being in an accident that cosmetic surgery is the only answer), one word of caution is to source the most reputable clinic as lack of training (of that clinic) may be deadly.  Click this link for cosmetic surgery that turn deadly.  For whatever reason be it vanity or profession, you are risking your life and may result in looking worst than you are.  Do you not appreciate the way God created you the way you are?   Beauty is within you and cosmetic surgery does not make you beautiful inside out.

Thank you God for creating me the way I am.  I am happy with my look and I know in your eyes I am beautiful with my two brown eyes, one small nose and one rosebud mouth.  What more can I ask for?



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