Weather and Money Talk on Sunday

Today’s Sunday herald features all the news about the wild weather last a night that left fifteen thousand Auckland homes still without power this morning.


A tree toppled over and hit a car. Photo / Tony Smith

I had enough watching the trees blowing so wildly last night out my bedroom window that look out into a reserve.  We heard the wailing of the wind but watching them is a different matter.  It can be pretty interesting when you have nothing better to do.  My dog under the duvet shivered in fear.  That timid boy.  My bedroom door  didn’t hold on to the wind that well.  The catch could not keep the door shut giving way to the wind, swaying back and forth and that was so annoying !


Keeping calm in the rough weather is kind of graceful. Photo / Doug Sherring

And then out of the blue, weather talk became money talk.

Interesting enough Oxfam tells us that the world’s richest eight people have as much money as its 3.6 billion poorest people. It sounds shocking. But what, if anything, does it really mean? Click here to find out more.


In 1950, 75 per cent of people lived in extreme poverty. Today, just 10 per cent do. Photo / Michael Craig

Do you own a mortgage-free home in Auckland? You’re part of the global richest 1 per cent.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to that 1 per cent.  😦

Does it really matter?

Certainly not !

I can still feel the wind, rain and shine.

The weather does not care whether you are rich or poor.  The sun will shine, the rain will come, the wind will blow and no amount of money can stop that……………….