Hunua Falls

My daughter and me visited the Hunua Falls on Easter Saturday.

I was going to share how lovely and how easy it was to access to the falls.  Just a short 5 to 20minutes walk will get you there from the car park as there are three accesses to this seemingly lovely waterfall.  Had I shared this story the day we visited the falls, it would have be written differently.

Yesterday (a day after we visited), an Easter holiday trip to a scenic waterfall turned to despair when a 13-year-old boy disappeared beneath the water as his desperate family tried in vain to save him.

A sign at the falls and the council website warn visitors to the falls that the waterfall pool is unsafe for swimming.

“Things go wrong in the water when people underestimate risk or overestimate their ability to cope with the risk.”   – quote Hunua Ranges Regional Park senior ranger Wayne Carlson

I guess this incident reinstate that care must be taken in all situations and things may not be what they look on the surface.  Looks can be deceiving and taking things for granted can often cause failures, disappointments and even death.

Over confidence is the most dangerous form of carelessness.