One Word Photo Challenge : Blue

This weeks One Word Photo Challenge is the color Blue

By Jennifer Nichole Wells on March 4, 2014


B   –  Beautiful blue rays

L    –  Luminous dazzling bright

U    –  Unspoilt nature and peace

E   –   Everlasting shade over the ocean and up the skies.

Blue skies and sea and everything nice

Blue skies and sea and everything nice

One Word Photo Challenge – Yellow

A promotional offer
at a special price
grab it while stocks last.

Grabbed it sure enough
though confused
amazed no pennies saved.

Stated clearly
on the YELLOW receipt
there is zero (0) savings.

Believe it or not?
A clever sales gimmick
Check it out here.


Submitted in response to
One Word Photo Challenge: Yellow
By Jennifer Nichole Wells on February 25, 2014