Our wish for a healthy bundle of joy

Friday’s child is full of grace.

Our prayers and wishes for a healthy bundle of joy finally arrived.

Little Kirsty, born on Friday 10, March 2017.

Our first grandchild, first child of my eldest daughter Joanne and her hubby Terence.

Precious story, a milestone into my autobiography.

Little Borneo girl is now a ‘Nanna’.




Back to my routine
On my bed with my pillows cushioned on my back
My Mac sitting on one pillow
Resting between my tummy and my upper legs
My two hands and fingers on my keyboard
As I typed my thoughts into words
Soon to be connected with all
Missing you for the last three weeks.

I am finally BACK to BLOGGING again !



Antique Antics – Someone is taking a break

Oldest thing I own?

This little photo I created.  It’s an oldie but a goodie.

It can be recycled, again and again, same message.

Whenever I am about to take a break, I will post it on WordPress.



What’s the oldest thing you own? (Toys, clothing, twinkies, Grecian urns: anything’s fair game.) Recount its history — from the object’s point of view.

via Antique Antics.

Can someone please tell me …. ?


I am not a writer neither am I an avid reader so blogging my autobiography may be a challenge but this is something I want to do. 

I have added a Facebook Page.  Please join me on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/littleborneogirl and feel free to add your blog and stories there.

– quote littlebornegirl –


I have more or less written my life story of what needed to be told, not necessarily to the world but as an open journal hopefully for my children and future generations to come if they happen to stumble upon my story.

I found WordPress as a platform for my blog and as my children were not too interested to read my story, I mirrored a page on facebook https://www.facebook.com/littleborneogirl so that my family and friends know when a new story is posted.  It is their choice whether or not to click and find out more.

From past statistics, I realized that Facebook audience and WordPress audience are totally different.  In the case of my blog, WordPress readers are participative and encouraging.  I love the Likes and the Comments.  From my stats, I see a lot of visits generated from Facebook but hardly any Comments or Likes probably because they find it too troublesome having to fill out details or register to click the Like button.

My blog is now more than just my autobiography.  I did and still do a lot of random posts, general topics, food ideas and photos that came into my mind when I am ready to post.  My autobiography and my life story is the framework or the main dish of my blog and those other general random thoughts are the sides.

The topic of this post is


I asked this question because lately I became a little less motivated to write.  I could spend a couple of hours writing a post and thought, wow, I kind of like that story – example below.


chinese chiveskacang-botol


Chinese-Eggplant-eecue_28290_fi47_l bidin




Thank you dear readers for liking my post.  Greatly appreciated.

Now again, I could participate on a Weekly Photo Challenge and spent no more than ten to fifteen minutes to select some relevant photo to post and the number of likes I got from that ten to fifteen minutes work is amazing. It was almost effortless.  – example below.



Now back to the question,


………. should I continue to write or should I just take it easy and let photographs take over?

Most of the time, I do enjoy what I wrote with passion but sometimes I do get a bit discouraged.  I know I am not a professional writer, neither do I want to admit I am a blogger but I still hope to get good traffic to my blog and readers who come back for more so I know I am not alone writing a diary in my room.



Should it be


Please share with me your experiences and thoughts.
I can take it, harsh or soft.  Greatly appreciated.

-Sincerely yours, Little Borneo Girl-