Off-Season – Lancelin beach and sand dunes


Looking to escape somewhere nice and not too far from Perth. You want to relax on a nice sandy beach or do some sport? Well, Lancelin is the place to go.

About an hours and a half drive North of Perth, Lancelin is a small town that stretches along a bay, with the Indian Ocean on one side and sand dunes on the other.

When the weather allows it, Lancelin beaches and the reefs around are the perfect places to go snorkelling, diving or surfing. The beach is really clean and the water a clear blue. For the professional divers, there are many shipwrecks to explore. For surfers or kite surfers, it is an ideal place to go. The waves are great and there is always enough wind for you to have fun.

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Umbrellas in winter? Balaclavas in July? Show us what “off-season” means to you.

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