Pies Craving

Strangely enough whenever I am early for work, my mind would be thinking about pies.  I do not call myself pie mad (or maid) but I do like pies once in a while.


In Auckland, our best priced and nicest gourmet pies are available at BP Station.  They sell nice coffee, pies and other finger food through Wild Bean Café.  Fill your car and fill your stomach too.  This is so handy to all travellers.


In Botany Shopping Centre, close to my home, there is Greenland Bakery, an award winning pie shop.  Personally, I find their pie fillings somewhat more fusion than traditional kiwi pies.  I guess from their numerous awards, people’s taste are now more diverse.


Close to my work, there is Jester Pie which I sometimes divert to before work.  Their pies seemed to be a bit smaller than a standard BP Pie.  They have pies of all sorts from our original kiwi to Italian and Indian pies.


This morning, I tried a piece of salmon quiche and a masala puff.  The baker Ed was a Malaysian living in New Zealand way longer than myself.  I’ve been living in Auckland for coming 14 years and pies and freshly brewed cappuccino became so much a part of life.


A sip of coffee
A bite of pie
Forget the calories
Totally out of control !

Nothing matters as that is a start to a wonderful day !

Image credit to the creators.