Turn over a new leaf

The world is such a confusing place.

Sometimes you wonder what is right and what is wrong.  You tried and still trying hard to be a better person.  Trying to start afresh, to reform and begin again.

Sometimes for whatever reason unbeknown to you, what you did was wrong in the eyes of others.  You are at a loss, defeated and demoralized.

If only there is clear definition on what is right and what is wrong.  When you take the step to start anew on a fresh page, you are faced with obstacles ahead.  You found your clean white page smeared with patches of ink and oil.

You are discouraged but do not despair.

Share your struggles, look for support and encouragement either from the community or within yourself.  Pen your thoughts and rest assured that although the world seemed to be against you, no one can really defeat you.  Your strength and determination will see you through.  Hard as it may be, when you stumble and fall, make sure you pick yourself up again.

Like a leaf blown apart by the wind.  It falls but it will land, be it on land or sea.  It will never float in the air forever.  At times, when the wind comes, that leaf will be blown away again but it will land again and again.

Life is full of hurdles and temptations.  Life is a struggle but will each breath you take, with determination it will come right.  The path ahead is not clear but keep going and you will get there.

Still confused and not knowing what is right or wrong.  You ask yourself ……………

Am I doing the right thing?