Exploring Behaviour – a mother’s perspective

A baby
is curious about the world.

A baby
has strong feelings and attachments.

If you smile at a baby,
he will probably smile back at you.

If you scowl at a baby,
he might burst into tears.


A 5-Year old
knows what is right from wrong.

A 5-Year old
likes to play make-believe with friends.

A 5-Year old
was once a toddler who has grown into a little person.

If you talk to a 5-Year old,
you will be amazed at his creative response.


A 10-Year old
still request snuggles and kisses at home.

A 10-Year old is usually truthful,
as he develop a more mature feeling about right and wrong.

A 10-Year old
was once a little child who has grown into a little adult.

If you hug a 10 year old
he will ask you not to hug him in public or in front of his friends.


A 20-Year old
stays awake whole night and sleeps all morning.

A 20-Year old
is a young adult looking for freedom and independence.

A 20-Year old
is someone who falls in love with another and forgets about his parents.

If you ask a 20-Year old to do any housework,
you might as well save your breath because he is unlikely to get into action.


A 30-Year old
only comes to his family home when he misses mum’s cooking.

A 30-Year old
thinks his mother is the voluntary baby sitter in the neighbourhood.

A 30-Year old
who was once a child is turning to be a responsible adult starting a family.

If you ask a 30-Year old why he doesn’t call more often,
he will tell you he is forever busy.


A 40-Year old
is in his prime years.

A 40-Year old
is at the peak of his career.

A 40-Year old
is a family man, father to his sons and son to his parents.

If a 40-Year old hugs you,
you feel so blessed that your son has come home.


A 50-Year old
may be in his mid-life crisis.

A 50-Year old
knows what is family ties.

A 50-Year old
talks to Mum more often and comes to Mum for comfort.

If you forgot to call a 50-Year old
he gets worried and would call and check on you.


A 70-Year old
who was once a child and is now an old man.

A 70-Year old
has lived life, reminiscing the good old times.

A 70-Year old
misses his mother and wondered when he would join her.

If you hug a 70-Year old
you can see his toothless smile and a tear of happiness in his eye.


All images courtesy of http://www.shutterstock.com