Daily Prompt: Groundhog Day and Happy Father’s Day

In the comedy “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray experienced the same day again and again, stuck in a time loop until he got the day “right.” What day would you choose to repeat until you got it right? Do you think it’s ever possible to get life “right”?Photographers, artists, poets: show us REPETITION.

via Daily Prompt: Groundhog Day.

We just celebrated Father’s Day in New Zealand and Australia, the first sunday of September every year.

As the saying goes,

A father sees himself in his child’s eyes

Parents see themselves in their children’s eyes.

“Our children are our only hope for the future, but we are their only hope for their present and their future.” Zig Ziglar

In our children, through them, we have the chance to repeat the good deeds we had done.

Through them, we could make amends and do our best to make things better.

Teach, guide and love your children, repeat the good deeds from generation to generation.