Good Tidings – Coffee Time

Good Tidings.

It’s coffee time.

I was a tea drinker ten years ago.

Today I am a coffee drinker by day and tea drinker by night.

All the caffeine.  No wonder my insomnia is getting from bad to worse.

Before talking about life’s challenges, rewards or fun things, perhaps since this conversation takes place in a cafe or a trendy coffee shop, first I have to give a word of advise on our drinking habits.  I am ten whole years ahead of you so the advise is if you wish to maintain your beauty sleep, caffeine is a ‘no no’.  Go for fruit juices instead for better skin complexion.

Now the most challenging thing I had thought of long and hard, at least over ten years is LOVE.  We were always told we must love one another, our family and our friends but very seldom do we hear of reminders to love ourself.  The challenge is in the midst of loving others, you must care and love yourself even before you can love someone else. This sounded self centered but if the source is not cared and nurtured well, she cannot bloom and share her love with all around.

The most rewarding thing is when dining with loved ones and everyone was eyeing the last piece of crayfish and all the younger ones, out of respect will try to pick up that piece of crayfish with their chopsticks and place it in your bowl even though you are still chewing on your third piece.  That’s respect you had earned been the senior.  Good upbringing earns respect and equals family harmony.

With challenges and rewards come fun.  Any good things coming together is like a double blessing, satisfaction and fulfilling.  A lifetime desire is to live life to the full and to be able to reflect and reminisce the good old days.  Memories live forever.

That was food for thought of a ten years stage of life. Young Me, you have many more of those ten years to go while I had used a chapter more than you.  Life is good.  Stay healthy, drink fresh fruit juices but in some days, there is nothing wrong having a cup of fresh brewed coffee or tea reflecting back the years with a smile.

Let’s get ready for home.  Where are you Young Me?


Present-day you meets 10-years-ago you for coffee. Share with your younger self the most challenging thing, the most rewarding thing, and the most fun thing they have to look forward to.

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