About buses and bus drivers

You are in driving in this peak traffic.   Cars lining up, one after another in all the three lanes.  Suddenly a bus came out from nowhere and cut into your queue.

How would you feel?

Whether true or not, whenever I see the way buses move around in traffic, I often have this feeling that these bus drivers often think that they are VIP on the road and they have the privilege to cut or stop traffic like any police cars or ambulances on sirens, except that being buses, they do not need any sirens, yet can pull out or change lanes whenever they wish.

I remembered as a child, whenever a driver (or a car) takes up two lanes, cut into another’s lane or drives in the middle of the road the irate driver of the other car will furiously say, ‘You think the road belongs to your grandfather?’

While talking to my son one day, this topic on bus drivers came into our conversation and my son’s reasoning for such attitude is obvious.

* Buses move on a tight schedule.  Their journey is governed strictly by timetable, measured in minutes. *

Bus drivers must keep their efficiency at all times and need to ‘go the extra mile’ in peak traffic to meet their schedules.  In rush hours, if bus drivers were to follow traffic rules or worry about being civic-mindedness, hundreds or thousands of bus commuters will be late for their appointments and throw the days’ activities out of proportion.

I hardly ever commute in a bus but being reminded of this one single objective, I now see these ‘arrogant’ bus drivers in a different limelight.  Today, I am more than ready to give way with a smile to these drivers who think ‘they own the road’.

My child or yours may be in the bus going to class or a friend is waiting to catch the bus to a job interview.  Surely you do not want them to be late, do you?

I do not think there is a law in any country that drivers must give way to buses but perhaps it is good practice and civic-mindedness on our part to give priority to these ‘efficient’ or ‘arrogant’ bus drivers.  They are after all just doing their job.