A quiet night and a random post for Belinda

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Our fellow blogger Belinda reminds me very much of my best friend, Theresa.  It isn’t that they look alike or anything but perhaps I connect the both of them through visual, photos.  Belinda has a photo on her blog and so has my friend Theresa who shares her photos on her facebook.  The resemblances to me of both are their femininity, sweetness and beauty.  I do not see many bloggers showing their faces on WordPress, although I do myself and Belinda does.  Knowing what she looks like has somewhat built the connection and I can relate who read my post and whose post I am reading through her photo and her name.

When I first started my blog, my blogger name was my name, Jess Kho but after reading a post on ‘blogger or brand’, I  decided to go with my identity as a blogger known as ‘Little Borneo Girl’ of https://littlegirlstory.wordpress.com although I kept my real name in my ‘about me’ profile.  Blogging by my real name gave me an identity.  I tend to relate ‘brand’ as in any company trying to sell their brand or product.  As I mentioned before, I did not become a blogger by choice, I became a blogger by chance because I wanted a platform for my autobiography and WordPress has provided me with that platform and in the midst of doing that, I connect with other bloggers and am indeed very blessed to have been connected to Belinda of BusyMindThinking.

Belinda our very beautiful friend, both in photo and in her writing is an inspiration to the blogging community.  I had been thinking about ‘blogging with a cause’ as prompted by Daily Prompt last night and indeed, our blogger friend is an true example of a channel  for spreading love in the blogging community.

Belinda is not in the best of health, she is sick physically but she is strong mentally and I know God will bless and guide her through her sickness and she will be healed.  Belinda has a project asking fellow bloggers to post and write about their hometown and she would love to visit and see the world through the eyes of others.

I had originally intended to write about some healing herbs for Belinda but I got carried away now that I had written a whole paragraph and more about Belinda, about Theresa and about myself so that ‘Healing Herbs’ post will have wait till another day.

Spreading my love to all my fellow bloggers, especially Belinda.  May you be strong and wish you speedy recovery.

PS Today, a blogger ‘liked’ this post. I had a feeling that ‘Busy Mind Thinking’ is no longer an active blogger. The link on her site now leads you to a mind games site. I will keep it there for Belinda wherever she may be. – updated 5 May 2020 –