The Old Fashion Enamelware

I have been meaning to blog about enamelware since I visited Orleans and The Crab Shack.  Both restaurants has that kind of rustic decor and food served in enamelware reminding me of my younger days.  Photos of our dinner below.


I grew up in the sixties and seventies eating with enamel plates and bowls.  Enamelwares are metal coated with enamel, a hard glossy substance for decoration.  Some plates are painted in solid colors of white with blue lining while others are painted with design of birds or flowers.  Most were and still are made in China.  They don’t break when you drop them but you get a black dent mark when the enamel is worn out or cracked, they may rust in time. In those days, you would  probably throw them away but I guess today, they are collectables.

enamelplate4 enamelplate1


I believe enamelware are making a comeback, as we now see them being used in restaurants and perhaps in some homes too, either on their dinner table or collectors items.  In China, if I am not mistaken, many household are still using them.  (Please correct me if I am wrong in assuming that.)  My aunt in Malaysia is still using her old enamelware, perhaps at least half my age.  Oldies but goodies.

Sharing some photos of these plates, credit to the respective owners.  I found them mostly on eBay, etsy or alibaba sites as items for sale.

What kind of dinnerware did you use in the old days?