Unusual Fruit – Durian

I had previously blogged about the King of Fruits – Durian.

Imported durians from Thailand are available in New Zealand from local Asian supermarkets.  The best durians are ‘Mao Shan Wang’ from Malaysia which are a lot more creamier and of course more costly.

Quoted below from Meryl Koh in Michelin’s ‘Guide to Durians – the difference between Mao Shan Wang and Thai Durians’.

Hate it or love it, durians exude an exotic appeal that inspires intense devotion. Some might pucker their nose at the fruit’s strong smell, yet durian prices are steadily on the rise thanks to heated demand from the China market that, more recently, have fixed their sights on Malaysia’s durian supply instead of Thailand’s.

A very interesting read on the various durian varieties and what they taste like.

More news on this unusual spiky fruit in The New Paper, Singapore.

Durian prices reach 33-year high

Durian lovers, take note – prices of the spiky fruit have shot up to a 33-year record high, according to sellers.

The price of Mao Shan Wang – the most expensive variety – has hit $38 per kg.

Another popular kind, the Golden Phoenix, is now $32 per kg.

The prices of the former went up by $3 and the latter by $2 in three days, reported Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News yesterday.


While there are cheaper options from Thailand, the Malaysian ones, which can cost more than $100 per fruit, remain popular.

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Care for durians, anyone?