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I love chillies (chili peppers).1chilli

I must have been eating chillies since I was a twelve year old or even younger.  As far as I remembered, I had my first taste of chillies while eating a bowl of kolo mee (refer image below).  After putting in the toppings, chillies were added to the kolo mee then packed in a piece of plastic for takeaways.  If dining in, the chillies serving will be placed in a small saucer as shown.


Back in the 1970s a bowl of kolo mee sold for only 70 cents and now it retails at around RM3.50 still a very much cheap eat.  Now living away from home, whenever I have a craving for this authentic Kuching dish, I would improvise and make my own.

Chilli pepper

Chili peppers originated in the Americas. After the Columbian Exchange, many cultivars of chili pepper spread across the world, used in both food and medicine. Chilies were brought to Asia by Portuguese navigators during the 16th century.

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The incredible health benefits of eating chillies

1. Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease

Research has found that foods which are high in saturated fats, such as those found in red meat and dairy, can lead to the development of high cholesterol levels. This in turn can result in cardiovascular disease and even death. Cayenne, which is one of the major components of chilli peppers, has been found to be effective not only in reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels, but can also decrease platelet aggregation which often leads to fatal blood clots. These health benefits are all very important for people who are concerned about the development of cardiovascular disease, or who have already been diagnosed with the condition.

2. Reduced inflammation

Another great health benefit associated with the consumption of chilli peppers is the ability of this product to reduce inflammation, such as that associated with arthritis. Chilli peppers have also been found to be an effective pain reducer. The reason behind these health benefits appears to be the high amount of capsaicin in the peppers. There are currently several creams being offered that contain high amounts of capsaicin, all of which appear to be extremely effective in the treatment of arthritis, back pain and other similar conditions. It is important to note that in this case, the cream is used externally only. No research has yet been found regarding the ability of ingested capsaicin to produce the same results.

3. Improved digestive conditions

For years, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals have told people to avoid chilli peppers if they suffer from acid reflux or stomach ulcers. But recently, researchers found that cayenne, which as discussed earlier is found in high amounts in chilli peppers, may actually be important to reduce the occurrence of stomach ulcers. Cayenne has been found to be a major supporter in the production of hydrochloric acid, which has been found not only to be important in the digestion of food, but may also help to ease stomach pain associated with ulcers. In addition, cayenne has been found to be great for the reduction of gas and bloating.

4. Maintains bone health

Researchers have found that chilli peppers contain high amounts of calcium, which is important in maintaining strong bones and teeth. As some people have allergies to dairy or simply choose not to consume it as is the case in lacto-vegetarians, chilli peppers can provide them with the same minerals essential to keep their teeth and bones strong.

5. Lowers blood sugar levels

Eating chillies can have a very positive impact on people that are overweight or suffer from diabetes, say a team of researchers at The University of Tasmania, whose research was published, in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, in July 2006.

6. Improve heart health, boost circulation, thins blood and helps protect against strokes.

Often overlooked as circulation boosters, chillies can have a dramatic impact on your health by helping to boost circulation and also act as a thinner to help protect against strokes. Eating food with chillies everyday is all you need to do to enjoy the multiple and important health benefits they have to offer.

7. Provides pain relief and reduces inflammation

Capsaicin is well-known to contain a neuropeptide associated with the inflammatory process. Chilli related alterations in plasma proteins have been reported in patients with auto-inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid and arthritis.

8. Limits spreading of prostate cancer

Cancer Research published a study in March 2006 which concluded that capsaicin helped stop the spread of prostate cancer. The capsaicin found in chillies triggered suicide in both primary types of prostate cancer cell lines.

9. Chillies help to burn fat

Other effects

Lastly, eating chillies has recently been shown to lower cholesterol, and to reduce the amount of fibrin in the blood, and as a result, lower the blood’s tendency to clot.

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Irregardless of any health benefit or not, I just love chillies.

 They sure spice up my food.

Are you a chilli lover?


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