Cheap and delicious – Sardines

Most times I find it very fulfilling after a hearty yet simple home cook meal.  While dining out is a pleasure, eating at home gives me great satisfaction especially when I am eating basic simple food that I was introduced to as a child and not eating much of them presently.

There are some nice canned food that you can whip out quick and fast to add to the menu in Asian dining.  The staple is rice and a couple of dishes as accompanies.  Besides the popular Ma Sing Luncheon meat and Black Beans fish, my favourite is Sardines in Tomato Sauce.

I recently stumbled upon a particular brand of Sardines in Tomato Sauce that are the best I ever tasted.  They are our local supermarket home brand readily available in New Zealand and Australia.  The ‘sardines’ are actually mackerel.  They are so ‘fresh’ and juicy and beat those other brands of sardines produced by the Asian markets.

The best way to enjoy these sardines is to add some dark soya sauce, red (or white) onions chopped into small bits, squeeze a lime/lemon juice, a couple of small chillies chopped in pieces (optional).  Instead of lime/lemon juice, you could add a tablespoon of brown vinegar instead.  Heating in microwave for 1 min is optional.  This dish is cheap yet simple and I often have second helping of rice with it.

I guess eating canned food once in a while is not too bad.  They often bring back good memories too.  I enjoyed my sardine dish as much if not more than a $40 main in a four star restaurant.

“Some of the best dishes in the world’s cuisines came from the necessity to eat cheaply.”  Linda Giuca

Is there any canned food that you like?

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