Littlegirlstory MUST READ post – Final list 2013


Some or most of you may be wondering what this is about.  Basically I am sharing with other readers posts of others that I have read and liked.

You can find an allocated a page on my blog for all these wonderful blogs for easy access.  Please check out the ‘littlegirlstory MUST READ blogs‘ tab on the top of my blog next to ‘About’ page.

This is my fourth and final list for the year 2013 of 10 posts (amongst the many) that I have read and loved.

I hope other bloggers will enjoy reading them too.

The above badge is my creation and if your blog is recommended please feel free to pingback or reblog this post.  You may right click on my MUST READ badge and add it to your post and please link back the idea to this particular post.

This is just my raw idea as a way of saying THANK YOU for sharing your posts.

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1.  ‘Marriage is wonderful but at times it can be as appealing as a laundry basket full of dirty clothes, broken toys, broken crayons and unpaired socks’. – says who?  Who else could it be but Vanilla Housewife who wrote this post ‘inspired by a butterfly’.  It’s definitely a MUST READ post so please click here and check it out.

2.  ‘Time. There’s never really enough of it, even though it never runs out or stops. It’s always there offering itself up to us but we always seem to demand more of it.’  wrote the mmmmm family and she went on to say ‘Time won’t stop, but I can. From today I have decided to no longer be a slave to Time.’  Check out her story on Redefining Time.

3.  This blogger is so talented writing about fairy tales and poetry celebrating magic and nature for kids of all ages.  Yes, kids of all ages and that’s you and me and everyone else.  Indeed Brenda, thank you for sharing your magical stories with all of us.

4.  Today is the third day of Christmas so this post is definitely a MUST READ.  Allaboutmanners shares with us a fun little project making Easy Snow Globe.

5.  I stumbled upon this post from The Top 10 of Anything and Everything and that reminded me that I have yet to use the packet of herbs I bought for making mulled wine.  Check out his interesting post on The World’s Top Ten Food made from Mulled Wine.

6.  Some bloggers are writers, some are photographers.  Let’s check out some cool photography from Telescope – A bliss day.

7.  Fancy making some fresh pasta?  Papaya pieces shared with us the first time she made fresh egg pasta.

8.  ‘You know you’re in Japan when ……….’  let’s go check out Emily Cannell’s interesting insights of Japan.

9.  Kenneth Goh calls himself ‘Quai Shu Shu’ (strange uncle) and his blog is all about food.  I love his blog and his photos on food.  Since it is Christmas, let’s check out his recipe on making Healthy Fruit Loaf for Christmas.

10.  Typical Gardener is the only garden blog I follow.  I recently bought a plant with the most amazing flower.  This post is a MUST READ to view the amazing plant I bought.  It’s called Tillandsia Cyanea (something I learned from Typical Gardener, thank you.)

That’s the 10 nominations for this round.

I have been with WordPress since May this year and now following 119 blogs so if you know I am your follower and do not yet see your post in the recommendations please watch out this space coming up again soon.

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Happy Reading !

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