Daily Prompt: The Best Day Ever

Daily Prompt: The Best Day Ever

by Krista on December 25, 2013

You get to enjoy the best day ever — describe in detail what that means to you. Where are you?   What will you do?  What’s the weather like?  What will you eat?  Who will you see?Photographers, artists, poets: show us INDULGENT.

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I am so blessed and I feel so blessed.  My best day ever repeats itself almost every week unless I chose to trade it and do something else like going fishing in the wee hours of the morning for example.

Today is my best day, one of those that comes weekly.  The only difference today is that it is Boxing Day so I will take my time and go Boxing Day Shopping for great bargains and then perhaps store my purchases away all forgotten.  My weakness and that makes me sound like a hoarder.

I appreciate the simple things in life.  In a simple nutshell, my best day is when I wake up without the annoying sound of my alarm clock and getting away from the daily routine of dressing up and driving the same route to work.

On most of my best days or days off, I caught up on my sleep.  Logged into littlegirlstory and submit a post or two (like now and it’s 2pm).  I may have breakfast in my pajamas or I may even take an hour walk with my dog to my favourite cafe for brunch and walk all the way back home.  No pressure for time and doing things at the sphere of the moment.