Pasifika Festival 2014

Pasifika Festival began in 1992, and has grown into one of Auckland’s biggest cultural events.

The festival aimed to bring Pacific Island communities closer together and to celebrate the richness and variety of their values, culture and lifestyles. The village concept was introduced in 1998 as a way of demonstrating each Pacific Island’s diversity – the village concept continues to be the core of the event to this day.

One of the key objectives is to ensure festival goers get an authentic taste of Pacific Island culture and heritage at the event.  Pasifika Festival is now the largest celebration of Pacific Island culture and heritage in the world. 80,000 people attended Pasifika Festival 2013 over the course of the weekend.  This year’s event was held in Western Springs on 8 and 9 March 2014.

During Pasifika Western Springs Park is transformed into 11 Pacific Island villages where you can experience the sights, sounds, tastes and colours of the Pacific without even leaving Auckland.  Each village has its own stage and market area, where you can watch stunning performances and buy food and crafts that are unique to that island nation. Each village also has a fale – the traditional community meeting place – and a heritage tent where you can see demonstrations, such as tattooing, and take part in workshops to learn authentic Pacific Island crafts and customs, including garland making and drumming.

Pasifika is a two day event and each day offers a different festival atmosphere. Saturday 8 March was a day of high energy and bustling markets.  This is the busier of the two.  On Sunday 9 March there were still performances, markets and workshops but in a more laid-back atmosphere.  This day reflected the values of faith and family enjoyed by Pacific Island communities on a Sunday and started with an interdenominational church service.

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This year was my first visit to the Pasifika and below are some photos of the event, not to be missed.

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DSC05325DSC05326DSC05327DSC05328Photos © little borneo girl
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