Oh dear – it isn’t easy getting old gracefully

When does anyone really start to feel or admit they are old ?

As far as I remember, in my mind as a teenager, seniors and old folks were those in their 40s.

When I was in my 20s, seniors were those in their 50s.

When I was in my 30s, seniors were those in their 60s.

When I was in my 40s, seniors were those in their 70s.

Now I have reached 50, seniors are those in their 80s.

There seem to me a 30 years age gap before one would accept being ‘old’.
(This is one person’s viewpoint.)

Age is so much in the mind and as long as one’s mind is well and active, not many would feel as old as the numbers bestowed on them.

The body grows old with age so the number relates more to the body than the mind.

A 50 year old body may only have a 30 year old mind.

Birthday candles sometimes stop at 21 or some may keep going till they reached 30.

When one reached 40, more often than not, the candles on their cake may be reduced to only 1 instead of 4 (representing 40).

Perhaps if I live up to 80, I may accept being labelled the ‘old lady’ or would my mind then only look at those older folks who live well up to a 100 as the true oldies?

How many of us would live up to a 100 and would many really want that longevity?

As per statistic New Zealand, based on death rates in New Zealand in 2010–12:

  • Life expectancy at birth is 83.0 years for females and 79.3 years for males.

As per statistic Malaysia, 2013

  • Life expectancy at birth is 77.2 years for females and 72.6 years for males.

From these figures, it appears that I may not even accept being old till my last days.

That’s my random thoughts tonight.


Inspired by Robin Yousef: Oh dear – it isn’t easy getting old gracefully an article published in NZ Herald.

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I am selective on the articles I read and to me,



One word of advice, eat healthy, don’t worry, be happy.

Keep your body as young as your mind.

Smile and don’t frown.

Oooops, I thought I said ONE word of advice but

that’s a mouthful.

Goodnight and sweet dreams.


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Aging gracefully – What it means to us


Generally growing old gracefully is accepting your limitations and not fighting growing old.

“Aging gracefully” has often been a word used to describe people especially women who choose to grow older without undergoing any aesthetic procedures to help them maintain their looks. This perspective, however, feels a bit outdated. There was a time when plastic surgery was a taboo subject, but today, it has gained wide acceptance.

Is aging gracefully a female term?  Do men aged gracefully too?

Personally I would say “aging gracefully” applies to both genders.

“Aging gracefully” means keeping your attitude young and exploring new options.  There are so many new things to learn and do. Learning is a continuous process irregardless of age.  It would be a shame to stick with the old ways  and not accept change.  We do not want to be labelled as the “old stick-in-the-mud.”

“Aging gracefully” means a slow decline or evidence of aging, at a slow pace.  Showing wrinkles and feeling aches and pains at a minimum.   We can either face that it takes a little longer to do some things then before or just sit and waste away and make ourselves and every one else around us miserable.  Some days are just hard and we have to deal and gracefully bow out of things when that happens.  We do not have to stop enjoying life even if we slow down some.  Age is just a number.

“Aging gracefully” is being able to laugh at yourself and to have the wisdom to deal with life as it comes.  The trick of growing gracefully is to wear a smile on your face, hiding all your pains and aches.  Smiling relaxes the facial muscles and reduces wrinkles.

Some people behave old and act old even when they are not while some oldies are jollies. When I was twenty, I thought those in their fifties are oldies.  When I was forty, I thought those in their sixties are oldies and now that I reached the magical fifty, oldies to me are those in their eighties.  I wonder when I turn eighty, would I feel like an old old oldie?

At this stage, I certainly do not act like a fifty jolly oldie.  Do you act your age?


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