Terminal Time – At long last I can finish reading my book

I do not know if it is the norm
as I grow older but not sure if wiser
I find it harder to concentrate
or stay motivated to complete a simple task.


Other than blogging
or having to earn my living
seven and a half hours of work
five days a week.


I cannot concentrate long enough
to finish reading a book
or sit through a two hours movie
in the comfort of my lounge.


I used to be ever so energetic
my routine of an hour at the gym
followed by a swim like a fish up and down
at least ten lapse of olympic pool length.


I will soon be off for a break
packed with two books
terminal time, hoping to put my feet up
I hope to get my concentration back.


You’re at the airport
your flight is delayed for six more hours
and none of your electronic devices is working
How do you pass the time?

via Terminal Time.


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