Daily Prompt: Wicked Witch

Daily Prompt:   Wicked Witch by michelle w. on November 15, 2013

Write about evil: how you understand it (or don’t), what you think it means, or a way it’s manifested, either in the world at large or in your life.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EVIL.

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Is there anything evil in life or is there anything really evil in this world?

Evil is what you make out of something.  Nothing is born or made evil in its origin.

On the surface, drugs, cigarettes, alcoholism, gambling, pornography and many other addictive habits are considered ‘evil’.  Too much of something is evil, even money.  The love of money is the root of all evil.

Anything taken or enjoyed in moderation is a form of entertainment and it is when addiction kicks in that evil arises.  In a nutshell, evil is one’s own doing, nothing was intentionally born to be evil, wicked or deadly.  No one was born to be a murderer, a drug addict or a drunkard.

This opinion is one person’s viewpoint as prompted by

Daily Prompt : Wicked Witch.

Photo Credit - Little Borneo Girl

Photo Credit – Little Borneo Girl https://littlegirlstory.wordpress.com

Daily Prompt : Can’t Get Enough – Addiction

Daily Prompt: Can’t Get Enough

by michelle w. on October 9, 2013

Have you ever been addicted to anything, or worried that you were? Have you ever spent too much time and effort on something that was a distraction from your real goals?  Tell us about it.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ADDICTING.

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Below is an exact copy of an old post of mine so appropriate for this topic on Daily Prompt.  That post was posted some couple of months ago and I am still as addicted !

As I was driving to work this morning, the word ADDICTION came into my mind.

the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

In simple English, “addiction” is the condition of abnormally dependent on some habit.

From personal experience, I must admit I had fallen into the addiction trap.
No, my addiction has not caused me severe trauma but it made me at times as unsociable as a teenager hooked on some iphone, ipad or mac.
How embarrassing !

It all started innocently when friends from back home asked to share photos and to keep in touch from across the miles.



Once on Facebook, there were many other side attractions.  I saw some delicious candies and clicked on those and then I was Candy Crushed.


I was candy crushing, here, there and everywhere, night and day to the extent of begging my friends for more.


Then the addiction for candies gave way to fruits.  Day in and day out I was gobbling strawberries, apples, carrots, onions and gathering magic beans in my quest to become a Farm Hero.


One day a little voice said to me, “Grow up.  Do something more your age !”

Missing local Asian dramas from back home, I then went searching for some free Asian drama series to watch online.  I settled with Korean dramas not understanding a word of Korean but with the English subtitles, I got hooked in no time !



The dramas were too addictive.  I watched till the wee hours of the night (morning).

A little voice spoke to me again.  “Do something more productive.”

I had wanted to write my autobiography some time ago and to do something productive would indeed be time to start writing my story.  I searched for a platform for my story and WordPress was the answer.


I began my blog, started writing my true life story, told my kids I had started my autobiography but no one seemed interested. I thought of my childhood school friends back home and created a facebook page to link my blog to my facebook. Within a short time, I had every Tom, Dick and Harry not to mention Mary, Jane and Elizabeth visiting.  I easily got hooked again and loaded WordPress on my phone and notification of likes, comments and statistics were at my fingertips.  I went a step further to challenge myself to a Post A Week.


For the first week of the challenge, I published four posts when the challenge was a Post A Week. At the momentum I was going, I am more into a Post A Day rather than a Post a Week.


Now back to the topic.  Addiction is an ongoing process.  You try getting out of one addiction, you move on to the next, you got hooked, you left thinking you could do something more worthwhile, you ended up getting into another addiction and another and another and the trend goes on and on.

In a nutshell, my latest addiction is WordPress.
YES, I am ADDICTED to WordPress.

WordPress the minute I wake up,

WordPress before bedtime,

WordPress checking my phone in the middle of the night,

WordPress the minute I wake up.

WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress, WordPress !
It now seems that my life revolves around WordPress !! WordPress !! WordPress !!