Do you know that I am an Asian?


Today is my first anniversary of blogging. It is also my first try doing a scheduled post.  I prepared my 1st blogging Anniversary post two nights ago, too excited and cannot wait to announce it.

Thank you to my blogger friends who commented and liked my first anniversary post.

WordPress too wishes me


Happy Anniversary!

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Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!

Now moving on to another topic.

Do you know that I am an Asian?

I am sure most if not all readers know that little Borneo girl is an Asian anyway but you may not know that I love noodles and I watch Korean drama series (or used to till blogging has overtaken that big time).  Oh yes, I also drink bubble tea.

Check out below light hearted video telling you more what an Asian person is like.

Video credits Christina Perri – “Human” Parody (ASIAN) by JinnyboyTV