Cha Siu Beef (Chinese BBQ Beef)

Finally got round to roll up my sleeves and created Cha Siu Beef. All you can get from the local Chinese BBQ Restaurants are Chai Siu Pork, never beef. I could not even find a single Cha Siu Beef recipe in Goggle so I invented my own and was very happy with it. Yummilicously sweet & juicy.



I finally rolled up my sleeves to marinate those sirloins!

Here’s my recipe for Chinese BBQ Beef.  Not a pork person, I experimented my own version of the popular Cha Siu Pork (using beef/sirloin instead), a Cantonese cuisine of ‘roast pork’ that you see hanging from hooks in the window of Chinese BBQ Restaurants.

You can use ready-made Chinese BBQ sauce available in the supermarkets but the taste of the dish would be rather bland.  I made the marinade from scratch.

Instead of baking, my method of cooking is pan-frying which caramelized the sauce giving the meat the added sweet and salty flavour.   After trying this method, I can vouch that the taste of the ‘cha siu’ (Chinese BBQ)  beef is much better than oven baked or slow cooked.

The other bonus is the shorter cooking time compared to baking.

1 kg Sirloin steak
3 tablespoon Maple Syrup or Honey

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3 thoughts on “Cha Siu Beef (Chinese BBQ Beef)

  1. Such a creative creation, Jess. Char siew beef. Never had it, never heard of it. It does look good and interesting to note that it tastes better when fried. Maybe you will come up with many more dishes with char siew sauce in the future 🙂

    • Mabel, I now share recipes in my other blog as i have run out of space in littlegirlstory. I enjoy creating new recipes, taking photographs and blogging recipes is my new hobby. 😊

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