One-pot lamb with Israeli couscous

My Chef cooked me dinner last night.

He read the recipe line by line and the couscous lined the one-pot lamb dish so beautifully.



I prefer cooking to baking.


In cooking, you can often ‘agak-agak’ (Malay word meaning estimate or not exactly, roughly, approximately).  I call myself an ‘agak-agak’ cook.  I am also not someone who cooks using a recipe book.  No doubts, I have a whole library full of recipe books because I am so attracted to the pictures rather than the words.

I guess I may not be a very good baker as proper measuring is critical to baking.  Definitely an ‘agak-agak’ method or taking shortcuts can’t guarantee the cake to rise.

Today, another Chef at home offered to cook and whenever he cooks, I will have the honour to choose which recipe from the cookbook for dinner tonight.

This Chef is slow and steady.  He sips his wine as he cooks and his cooking always takes hours when mine usually takes nothing more than 30 minutes.

The dishes he prepared are always good. …

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