A healthier pie

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This recipe is a ‘pie’ with a difference.

I consider this a ‘healthier pie’ because it has lots of vegetables.  The ingredients can be substituted with any vegetables you fancy.  I have used microwave to soften the pumpkins and potatoes for a more even cooking.

2 square pastry sheets (or a roll of pastry)
Half a butternut pumpkin (or any pumpkin) – cut into small pieces
3 medium-sized potatoes – sliced thinly
200gm chunky bacon pieces (or 8 slices of bacon)
3 carrots – shredded
2 big yellow onions – chopped into pieces
150gm shredded tasty cheese
1/2 cup milk (about 150 ml)
7 eggs (4 whole and 3 to be beaten with a half portion of the milk)
A few dashes of Lemon pepper salt and/or garlic salt
Hickory Sauce (about a tablespoonful)
1-2 tablespoon of cornflour for thickening and holding the cooked ingredients together
Butter for cooking the…

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