Another Color Run

This event was my Christmas present to three people and only one and myself made it.

Not sure that I would want to have to fork out $50+ per person to run or walk the ‘happiest 5km on the planet’ anymore in future.


Fancy having to pay to walk or run.

Well, it was a self motivation, an awakening really that I, a night owl could wake up so early to make sure my money did not go to waste.  In fact, most of it was wasted as I bought four tickets and only two of us went.

It was my second time participating in the 5 km run (walk).

There were heaps of people and excited faces.  It was indeed amazing to see that people were in fact happy to part with $50 (or more) per person to take part in this run and get colors all over them.

All for the thrill of wanting to set foot into the happiest five kilometres on the planet.

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2 thoughts on “Another Color Run

  1. Well done on the colour run, Jess. It looks like a good turnout and you looked very enthusiastic 🙂 I haven’t participated in a run myself before, just preferring to walk around the park on the weekends. Take care and have a good week.

    • Thanks, Mabel. I only walked though at a fast pace. I have never been a good jogger, worst now that I live such a laid back lifestyle. 🙂 . Weather has been bad here so a good excuse not to go walking or do any outdoor activities. Hope you get some sunshine.

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