A glimpse of Cathedral Cove

You could get to Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel by boat or approximately 45 minutes to an hour’s walk (1.5 to 2 hours return) through the track providing dramatic views of spectacular coastal scenery along its length, finishing at the beach beneath an impressive rock archway.

The track leads you through a lush native flora and fauna, turquoise waters and access to Gemstone Bay and Stingray Bay before arriving at the Cove.  Moderate fitness is required as there are some hills and flights of steps at the end leading to the Cove.

I did this walk a couple of years ago.  I might struggle a bit now to do the same walk.  Must get fit again so I can get a good peek of the Cathedral Cove which is only accessible by boat or foot.

Cathedral Cove Walk is a stunning adventure and a must visit for tourists and locals alike.  The natural beauty of this area is indeed awe-aspiring and every visitors will tell you that the hike is well worth it.




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