Evanescent as snow

So windy.  My hair was all over my face and they seemed to like it.  Blowing wildly as I tried to take selfies at Coronet Peak, Queenstown.

Beautiful views from the peak.  Gondolas hanging on a line, moving up and down.  It’s almost winter now so time for ski.  So many nice things to do there.

What a lovely spot, though evanescent for me and other visitors.  Similarly skiing is evanescent as snow only falls in winter.



3 thoughts on “Evanescent as snow

  1. My younger years and half of my adult life was spent in areas that had very severe winters. I got to the point where I despised cold weather and snow. Now I live in an area where we may get a dusting of snow every 5 years or so… and it very rarely gets down to the freezing point. Many people love the snow… and that’s fine… but I love it here in the desert… and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I appreciated reading your comments… and I wish you well…


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